*Changes in ES 3.00 R5G [#ecb3175c]
**Skill Changes [#heb80f26]
-Made Flame Wave and Cold Wave assignable to the left mouse button.
-Improved the physical damage of Lightning Inferno.
--Old: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
--New: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Lightning Mastery) / 100
(Here "Mastery" includes "+XX% to XXX Skill Damage".)
-Improved the physical damage of Arctic Blast.
--Old: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
--New: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Cold Mastery) / 100
(Here "Mastery" includes "+XX% to XXX Skill Damage".)

**Monster Changes [#m24daa47]
-Toned down the spell levels of Putrid Defilers.
--Psychic Slash: slvl 3-5 -> 1-2 (in normal)
--Thunder Storm / Meteor Shower / Winter Fury: slvl 8-10 -> 4-6 (in normal)
(The slvls of monsters are automatically increased by 3 in NM and by 7 in Hell.)

**Bug Fixes [#da8fb9e9]
-Removed the walkable flag from the tiles in Nihlathak's Domaine (at Malah's shop), which would prohibit Nihlathak from escaping into the unreachable area.
-Fixed the typo in the skill descriptions of Dodge, Avoid and Evade (animatin -> animation).
-(jp) Unified the translation of the word "Enigmatic" in "Enigmatic Cinnabar" and "Chipped Enigmatic Cinnabar".

**Reported Bugs [#v09410de]
-Rune Forgings (forged in the latest version) on gloves can't be removed correctly.
-%%The numbers of Skeletons and Vampires that are supposed to be capped at 24 are wrongly capped at 22(?)%%(not confirmed)
-%%(jp) WSK 1 shows the entry message of Nowhere.%%(due to not running old_file_cleaner)
-"I had a busted Portal Shrine in Act III Sewers last night. Portal sound went off (you know.... bsshhhhhwwwiinnngg (TM)!!) and the words "The freedom to go home" or whatever it says came up, but no portal ever appeared."

**To Do [#xd1e3737]

Move a few more Waypoints into fixed locations. This is mostly to help players in no-rerunning tourneys. The most important one would be to move the Black Marsh WP to the entrance (like Cold Plains). The same for Stony Field would also be good. That would cut the very long stretch of Act 1 into manageable portions. 
Offhand I can't think of any other Act that needs this as bad, most others are already divided nicely. Maybe move the WP in the Far Oasis close to the exit (to Lost Farm). 

The new colored indication for Forging is great, this could be extended a bit. I would also like to have the affixes resorted a bit so the most important ones are at the top. Suggestion: 
Move the "Carry One" check line to the next spot (after Forging) and make it red. 
Next should be oskills, +to All Skills, +to Class Skills, +to Skilltab and +to Individual Skill(in that order). 

I don't know if that is possible, but putting the Ancient's Way WP close to the Nakaru entrance or the Nakaru WP in a fixed location would be good. 

I remember reading that Mac user can't pick up a second unique charm (of the same type) because one can only pick up the second by puttingthe first in the shared stash. Would it be possible to make a tokenizing recipe that turned unique charms into a token (non-functional as a charm) and removed the carry 1 check?

***Crystal Recipes [#q9870502]
-Improve the stats of Kanji Runes.
(Add auto repair?)
-Kanji Runewords
-Kanji Rune Forging
-Increase the drop chance of Null Rune?
-Uber Forging
--Golden Anvils
-Oopart base items
-Crafted Charms
-Crafted Jewels
-Crystal socketable, morph
***Others [#x381bb5a]

-If any of the stored items on following stockers hit the cap, the stocker doesn't accpet that item any more, instead of losing the item point.
--Rerolling Orb, Multi Stocker
-Rebalance Unique Weapons.
-Rebalance Unique Class Specific Armor.
-Class Skill bonus on weapons needs to be more generic
-new base armor for eth armor upgrade
-can opener size change, rerolling orb image change
-valk attracts meph,duri,council
-uniquestones -> stocker
-Map changes?
-gold storage
1. The damage augmentor charm does not have any effect with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. I don't know if it doesn't work, or if it's just not displayed. I hope it works, because Dragon Talon could sure use the help. 
2. Elemental damage from equipment is not displayed with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. It does work with the skill though. 
Death sentry seems bugged, i have illustrated in the skill description 1-28k lightning damage and it doesnt do significant damage that justifys its description at all and i use lightning mastery + conviction + lvl 5 ancients call, this tested on players 1 act 5. 
I think you're right that something is wrong with it. I tried it out, comparing it to Lightning Sentry. The skill descriptions were ~1-8800 for Death Sentry and ~1-13k for Lightning Sentry. Stacked Death Sentries barely scratched some skeleton archers, I mean whole volleys were taking out only slivers of life. I then used Lightning Sentries on the same pack of skeleton archers and they took down the boss himself in maybe 2 volleys. This was /players 1 Hell Dark Wood. 
-−MDef and -TDef

//メイプルリーフ金貨×5 + クリスタル全種類1つずつ + 「い」ルーン = 空白ルーン
//各上位のユニークチャーム(オッドは通常ユニーク) + エリクサー + 「い」ルーン = 空白ルーン
//アイテムX+回復ポーション+マルチストッカー=メイプルリーフ金貨2つ分のポイント など
// 無効系もランダムで2種類は持っている
// 出てくる敵は羽虫系でポーション系をやたら出してアイテムを拾いにくくする
// (耐性値適応前で秒間ダメージ10000くらいで)
// ボスがやたら硬い意外は普通

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