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***Nova [#t47c9ff3]
:Difference from the LoD version|Improved damage. Less mana consumption.
:Pros|Attacks the enemies in all directions. Spammable. Multiple missiles hit a large target. Works fine with War Cry and Ancient's Call.
:Cons|The missile range is rather short.

|Lightning Damage (ES)|1-50|+10|+15|+20|+25|+25|
|Lightning Damage (LoD)|1-20|+7|+8|+9|+10|+11|
|Missile Range (yards)|>|>|>|>|>|8.6|
|Mana Cost (ES)|7|>|>|>|>|+0.5|
|Mana Cost (LoD)|15|>|>|>|>|+1|

:Synergies|'''Thunder Storm:''' +8% Lightning Damage Per Level

***Thunder Storm [#ofe976cd]
:Difference from the LoD version|Improved damage. Shorter interval.
:Cons|Random target. Single target.

|Lightning Damage (ES)|1-160|+16|+18|+20|+24|+24|
|Lightning Damage (LoD)|1-100|+10|+10|+11|+11|+11|
|Interval (seconds) (ES)|>|>|>|>|>|2.64 (at slvl 1) - 0.48 (at slvl 60)|
|Interval (seconds) (LoD)|>|>|>|>|>|4.4 (at slvl 1) - 1 (at slvl 60)|
|Duration (seconds)|32|>|>|>|>|+8|
|Radius (yards)|>|>|>|>|>|13.3|
|Mana Cost (ES)|19|>|>|>|>|+1|
|Mana Cost (LoD)|19|>|>|>|>|+0|

:Synergies|'''Nova:''' +8% Lightning Damage Per Level

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