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*Finders Keepers Challenge NOW PLAYING [#cdff3a81]

*Open projects [#wecd5764]
Numbers in parentheses is the level of character as of last update. The listing shows how the character is going to progress in terms of skill use. Note that these are listed by what is most important to the character. That means the skills may NOT be maxed or equaled in order.

An entry prefixed with an exclamation point (!) means that skill input was met.

Numbers in brackets show accumulated deaths. [xL] shows lives remaining. The later function is for tournament purposes.

**Klepto (74) Druid [#kaabf553]
Summoner druid.
 !24 Raven
 !25 Summon Dire Wolf
 !20 Summon Elemental
 30 Summon Spirit Wolf
 !max Raven
 !1 Oak Sage
 Everything is on one tree.
Oskill Might, Iron Maiden ("Nature's Kingdom"). Act 5 Defense barb.
***Current Progress of Klepto [#naa38a03]
 Act 1 Hell
 Act 5 Defense barb
Act 5 Defense barb has Aura on Equip:
-Annihilation ("Grand Leon")
-Protection From Cold ("Fox") - very necessary for minions!
-Defiance ("Envy") - defense barbs use 1H sword + shield along with one 2H sword.

 Needs Vigor (Hermes' Gift) but that will take a while

Klepto has Aura on Equip:
-Salvation ("Nature's Kingdom")
-Cleansing ("Stomach Ache")

**Chase (21) Necromancer [#c064cd50]
Summoner necromancer. Yes, should I say the lag generator.
(This character is on hold)
 20 Raise Vampire
 25 Raise Skeleton
 30 Revive
 1 Summon Resist
 30 Skeleton Mastery
 1 Decrepify/Amplify Damage
 Stray points: 8
 Total points: 115
Oskill Might. Act 5 Defense Merc.
***Current Progress of Chase [#l6842ba8]
 Act 2 Normal
 Act 2 Prayer Mercenary

*Rerolling facts [#y40a3d18]
-Item reroll is only allowed on an item if the item is unforged and free of socketed items.
-Set reroll is useful if you have set items in constant use -- it wipes d-stonings and meldings, which also clears level requirement penalties.
-You can only use set/unique reroll recipes on base items. If you use them on base-upped or base-converted versions, you'll lose it.
-If you use the re-roll recipe on socketed set/unique rings or amulets, you'll get a magic/rare amulet in the process -- remove the socket first.
-Item reroll clears weapon upgrade penalties, but you'll get new stats. Useful if you find a weapon or armor that can be base-upped to the exceptional or elite you're looking for; but in all due instance, it's just easier to buy, strip, and imbue such :) and it's cheaper, but you'll waste an imbue.
-It is possible to get +6 to a skill on Lv.75 class unique rings either found or re-rolled. Getting the one you want is resource-heavy, however, but is often worth it.
-If an item didn't come with a socket, and you had socketed it before re-roll, then re-rolling the item will force it to have new stats, but your socket will disappear. The exception is set/unique jewelry; you have to remove the socket from those first with Thaw + Socket Donut. (You'll still get the socket donut.)
-For the chance of best and most-desirable mods, try to have the item level close to the requirement of those mods. But if re-rolling for high mods, you should have a very high item level, especially if you're trying for an item with "of Aurora".
-Square charms have grand charm properties. It takes two blemished gems to reroll a magic charm. You cannot make rare square or odd charms - you will end up with a grand charm.
-You can recycle used items and gather new stats by re-rolling. Useful if you want to use the same item again but don't want to wait up until the requirement you've racked up on the item. This also means you can base-up an item to one you are looking for (magic/rare at best) then re-roll it to remove the level penalty and get new stats on the item.
--This is particularly useful on items with stats you ''do not'' want and a base-up is needed to get the item you do want.
-If you made a set/unique amulet a commander's medallion, you can't reroll the amulet until you remove the medallion component -- use a ribbon and thaw potion.
-You can just use a gem can filled with gem points of one kind to reroll square charms. Do note, however, it takes 162 gem points to do one reroll. Same for magic jewels; it uses 81 gem points for a magic jewel reroll.
-Transform unique jewels into different ones. Simply use an un-needed unique jewel and use 2 perfect gems + Key (The KEY is important here, otherwise you're going to reroll it). You'll get a different unique jewel. You'll also get your key back.
-Ever want to reroll the unique charms? Lv.40 charms require 2 perfect gems; Lv.80 charms require 3. Useful if you get a no-bonus Something Wicked...
-Unique rerolls on ethereal items work, but ethereality is lost.
-To keep ethereality on magic and rare items during reroll, use the ancient scroll recipes (22, 23). Attempting to reroll without these recipes will remove ethereality. Prepare to use a lot of money.
-Starter weapons can be rerolled again. Useful if you're trying to get +2 tab and 2 sockets. Item level is 35, so some weapons may come with an additional +1 tab as a prefix.
-Rerolling a LoD unique will give you the same unique, rerolled stats and the sockets/bonuses as before, i.e. rerolling a Cat's Eye will retain +1 all skills and the socket.

More on this subject as I scour the wiki..

*On My Mind [#ff55e675]
This is what I have right now in the back burner.

**Todo [#v021e804]
-Obtain AS38 (RIP on weapon).

**Aura Stones [#p824b97c]
 1x Red (Concentration)

**In search of: [#c32771a1]
 Ancient Scroll 38 (RIP mod)

**Willing to trade off: [#t1a9985c]
-I have these I don't want:
 Spare Ancient Scroll 37 (Repair mod)

-You might be interested in trading for these: (* = new entry)


**Quest for all LoD Decals [#b89cda79]
 Highest found: 2x Jah
 Next on stocker: Cham

*Comments [#xd75abd1]

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