*Stingray's Diary [#x22aa215]

**My Active Characters [#u2771de9]
( These are only my active ones, if I start playing one of my others I will add them )
Duel_Death | A level 55 double swing barb
Magical_Elferno | A level 53 flame wave sorc
Ley_Golemancer | A level 26 Golemacner ( Big surprise )
Kunai | Level 12 shurikener

**My Profile [#ob02c71a]
I'm a diabloholic who has a love for mods. Why are you still here? GO READ THE ENTRY'S!

**My Diary [#q74b5132]

***07-6-2009 [#xe4b756d]
I start my diary, I will try to update frequently.

&ref(./Assassin Pic.jpg);
One of my chars found a Death set so it inspired me to make an assassin. I had to gamble a second katara.

**Comment [#k3dbb794]

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