*Untold Fact About Modding [#h89f93f1]
-''Mephisto Tamer''
4 of the 5 monster packs in the Throne of Destuction were changed to Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto and Diablo in ES 3.00.  
se act bosses were given some minions in patch N. But it proved Mephisto can't be spawned with minions due to the restriction of D2. Mephisto uses some special animation and if spawned with any minions, he turns invisible.
This seemed a serious problem, but the solution was easy. Giving him a boss, instead of minions. :)

-''Phantom Hatchets''
This skill is the throwing weapon version of Multiple Shot. But some part of Multiple Shot is hard-coded. If the missile is an arrow, it displays missile A (arrow) and %%%if the missile isn't an arrow%%% it displays missile B (bolt).
You can assign another missile animation to missile A and missile B. But none of throwing weapons is an arrow, so this skill always displays missile B. There are three kinds of throwing weapon, Javelins, Throwing Axes and Throwing Knives. But the skill can display only one kind of missile.
Now you can guess why all throwing weapons must be "magically converted into hatchets".

*Origins of Sets [#l63b2bc9]
-''Autolycus' Magic Tool''
[[Autolycus:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autolycus]] is a renowned thief in Greek mythology. He was one of the members of the Argonauts.

-''Achilles' Advantage''
[[Achilles:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achilles]] is the greatest hero of the Trojan War in Greek mythology. When he was born, his mother dipped him in the river Styx to make him immortal. But she forgot to wet the heel she held him by, leaving him vulnerable at that spot. Achilles was killed by an arrow to the heel. Since then Achilles's heel has meant one's weak point, and this is why '''Achilles' Heel''' set boots have a negative Lighining Resist.

-''Tasselhoff's Traveling Gear''
Tasselhoff is a character from the Dragonlance series. He carries a hoopak, a staff with a slingshot, so the set had contained an elder cane instead of the armor until patch N series.

-''Lixo's Feather''
Lixo means '''garbage''' in Portuguese.

-''Vega's Elegance''
Vega is a character from Street Fighter Video Game.

-''Motoko's Captivation''
[[青山素子:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Motoko.jpg]] (AOYAMA Motoko) is a character from [[Love Hina:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_hina]] Manga and Anime. 

-''Ihsan's Shade''
From the card of Magic the Gathering "Homeland" expansion.

-''Lim-Dul's Legion''
From the card of Magic the Gathering "Ice Age" expansion.

-''Kain's Means of Destruction''
Kain is Perfect Cell's character of Diablo II Classic.
 I had played my Barbarian named Kain up to level 86 on LAN with my brother.
 I didn't have the energy to level another character; I needed something different.
 That's when I saw Lothar's mod... I haven't played CD2 since.
 (from Phrozen Keep interview) 

-''Lancelot's Courage''
[[Sir Lancelot:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancelot]] is one of the Knights of the Round Table, who served King Arthur. 

-''Griffith's Cunning''
Former leader of the mercenary army Band of the Hawk. From [[Berserk:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berserk_%28manga%29]] Manga and Anime.

-''Raistlin's Salvation''
[[Raistlin Majere:http://www.dl3e.com/lexicon/13330.aspx]] is a character from the Dragonlance series. 
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