**Elemental Skills [#w49e6774]

***Cyclone Armor [#bd17f42c]

***Arctic Blast [#oe938272]
:Difference from the LoD version|Much improved damage. Also deals physical damage. Faster missiles. Pierces enemies. Castable in wereform (but the missiles turn invisible).
:Pros|Chills enemies. Can kill both CI and PI monsters. can hit multiple enemies if enemies are in a line. 
:Cons|The caster must keep casting until the target dies. The blast is long but narrow.

|Cold Damage Per Second (ES)|9-14|+9|+19|+37|+56|+56|
|Physical Damage Per Second (ES)|9-14|+9|+19|+37|+56|+56|
|Cold Damage Per Second (LoD)|8-15|+6|7|+8|+9|+12|
|Range (yards)|5.33|>|>|>|>|+0.66 yards per 2 levels|
|Missile Size (ES)|>|>|>|>|>|2|
|Missile Size (LoD)|>|>|>|>|>|1|
|Mana Cost Per Second (ES)|8|>|>|>|>|+0.2|
|Mana Cost Per Second (LoD)|4|>|>|>|>|+0.8|

***Volcano [#n0a8dff1]

***Bone Spear [#t903ee82]

***Winter Fury [#gc524b63]

***Molten Boulder [#ab5b00d5]

***Earth Spike [#z21e559c]

***Tornado [#c396faa7]

***Acid Rain [#kd47cd93]

***Fire Storm [#bd90321f]

***Creeping Doom [#x8fc6eb1]

***Sand Storm [#ibc89de0]

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