*Bambi - Amazon [#l0b80758]


**Character Intro and Overview [#i903638b]

This character is a classic strafer and absolutely rules the domain primarily due to having a great merc and two maxed valks with the right mouse button free to re-summon them quickly.  I have tried using one of my nice 0skill rings on my right mouse button and it does improve damage some, but this build is so strong as-is it really doesn't need it.

I died a lot in the domain until I maxed resists and got 2911 life so I would say it is pretty much the minimum for the build. I use the Act2 Might Merc, and when I initially built this character I used the merc set/Achilles'.  This worked ok, but he died often on the end bosses in the domain and the treant pack etc. I admit I splurged a bit on my upgraded merc equipment, but it was probably the final key to having a successful domain dominator. 

Bambi herself was relatively cheap to assemble, using Atlas Trust, Noir's and Waves sets. For those newer players wanting to try this, the noir helm is usually the difficult piece to get.  You can get lucky with a drop or chitting, but most likely you will chit/get 3 unique exceptional helms that you can base-up and cube.  The build is so strong that I really didn't have to maple the bow at all.

I set up this character to be a duel purpose gold find and magic find since it was one of my earlier characters.  If I had to do it over again I would have it all magic find since I have another strafer with 3000% gold find.  Basically, this character is all about getting top level uniques and lots of rares in the domain.
**Stats and Attributes [#f7b45bb7]

All Dex

The waves set pretty much guarantees either amp or decrepify is on full-time.

As you can see below, crushing blow, open wounds and deadly strike are maxed - AR is super high and 170% to demons.  

I saved a couple of points by having deadly strike and pierce large charms in my inventory.  
**Skills [#m0128fa4]

**Equipment [#i0eaf287]

Really pretty standard stuff, Waves and Noir all socketed with good jewels. I have all unique charms close to perfect and forged +Amazon. It wasnt horribly expensive to forge and dstone the resists and %life. This is probably my least expensive end-game character overall.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#pf8d0597]

Showing off my fancy runeword polearm and ethereal Chains of Binding (probably one of my best finds ever). I show my favorite merc amulet - plenty of dstone space left. My two rings are just standard rings of vengence for the extra damage dstoned with 80% life steal.  I could easily get this merc to 12k life if it was needed.

**Comments [#a978e805]

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