*BeeBee - Maxed Strafe Amazon [#df8f58ff]


**Character Intro and Overview [#y88019b0]

I only made this Amazon to see how much damage i can reach. BeeBee is a mainly Strafe Amazon. She uses Eagle Eye and Might Aura. You need this combo to get the highest damage output. A lot of people say that u should make Fanaticism/Eagle Eye cause of the IAS decrease. Its easy to get max IAS with a bit d-stoning and a good merc. 
Here i calculated my needed IAS with the ES Attack Speed Calculator:


WSM: Grand Matron Bow has +10 WSM

Fanaticism: Merc has ~ LVL 40 Fanaticism Aura

Annihilation: Merc uses Unique Armor Atlastrust (LVL8) and Mercs Amulet is forged with Green Aura Stone (LVL4) = LVL 12 Annihilation Aura when equipped.

Eagle Eye: Skill LVL 73

Result = I need 152% Increased Attack Speed to get MAX IAS. As u can see in the screens below I got 195%. Thats far enough.


**Stats and Attributes [#pad22f69]

All of my points went into Dex.



**Skills [#p17c6729]

Eagle Eye 20
Strafe 20
Multiple Shot 30
Legendary Arrow 20
Guided Arrow Rest
Passive and Magic skills about 5 points


**Equipment [#g9bbfe14]

The Bow! This Bow had 790 Max Damage from the beginning. It hasnt got a Perfect DualMax but who cares on +50% enhanced maximum damage. I spent about 45 Marple Leafs to reach the top of 900% enhanced damage. I made a HE-Rune Forge and put also 3 HE runes in it. I was mega lucky that it got 3 sockets. First Blank Bow and then the GG-One.


Arrows = Mighty - Amplify on striking.

This is a whole Might-gear! Boots,Belt,Gloves,Rings and Amulet. All with +14-+16 to Might.
I didnt have very much luck with +16 to Might stuff. So I took the +14 things. I reached LVL 100 anyway.



I like this helmet cause of Inner Sight on Striking and all the other little things for this Char. Ethernal Reign, nothing to say.




I use alot of Square charms. All with a LVL 60 Dex Jewel and Passive and Magic Skills forge in it. Veterans with 3 LVL 60 Dex Jewels.


**Merc and Merc Equipment [#fdefa5e5]
Act 2 Hell Offensive Merc

Equipment is socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewels.

Atlastrust Unique Armor
Harlequin Crest LoD Helmet
Seraph's Hymn LoD Amulet with Green Aura Stone Forge
Pride Runeword Weapon - Lvl 20 Concentration Aura
Hermes Gift Unique Boots
Magic CTC Shock Armor when Struck Gloves
Rare Belt with Resists and to Max Resists

**Comments [#o9d01a25]
- This is a bit a matter of taste I guess but you also lack any source of Teleport which I find being truly a necessarity for smooth gameplay. Teleport also is one reason why I want to keep 2 Valkyries up as the second one gives a nice amount of extra protection while you're blindteleing around. Also do you use any special equipment for the Domain as 75 resists are a bit little for the Metalspark or the fireboss which name I've forgotten? Even with that damage I'd imagine 2k health globe running out pretty fast with them. -- [[blackduck]] &new{06-08-2011 (Wed) 00:26:06};
- Nice job. 84k average damage is very impressive. There is one improvement though. Eternal Reign is nothing marvellous after you are not levelling her up anymore as it only gives a lot of defense, resists and +4 all skills - nothing you really want for this kind of powerhouse. -- [[blackduck]] &new{06-08-2011 (Wed) 00:20:54};

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