*Ibuki - Assassin [#j3b53840]


**Character Intro and Overview [#j69e6e2e]
Ibuki is an Impaler wielding Dragon Blade build, and the most expensive character I have. She is built with the most fearsome Special Level bosses in mind, to not only beat them but to completely dominate them.  Ibuki follows in the footsteps of DemonsDeath, who reached level 100.  I wanted Ibuki to surpass DemonsDeath in as many ways as possible; more damage, more life, more resists, more defense.
**Stats and Attributes [#be6aae31]
Ibuki placed every stat point into Strength, and still boasts a more than respectable 9900 HP with her base vitality.

Her defense, DR%, and DR are all top notch, taken together it is an almost impenetrable defense. Blade Shield clocks in with 20k-65k damage and 27% life leech.  She is almost impossible to hit, and any hit that slips through is reduced to just a nibble that Blade Shield leeches back.  Even Fatalstorm's Tornadoes can't break this defense, they deal so little damage that they're not even worrisome anymore.

Dragon Blade is her primary attack.  With her massive 5 range Impaler she often gets the first strike, and anything not dead from that is put into slow motion hit recovery from 49% slow target and Decrepify.
**Skills [#k80fc5ec]
Not necessary, but I grabbed 3x maxed Shadow Warriors.  It was a purely aesthetic choice, her damage technically could be better if I invested all those points into boosting her own attack skills.  I just wanted more spears under my command, bosses getting mauled in the face with 5 Impalers is just great. With all the Shouts and Auras the Shadow Warriors survive very well except against a few hard hitting Domain bosses. I used to have a lvl 55 Valk for a 6th party member, but I did a major equipment reshuffling to boost Battle Orders and add Shock Armor instead.

Her Merc Trip is carrying all the offensive auras, so Ibuki freely grabbed a ton of Defense boosters and cracked 300,000 defense as a result.

***oskills: [#lc310e3f]
 +16 Shock Armor
 +21 Battle Orders
 +11 Shout
 +3 Iron Skin
 +4 Decrepify

***Equipped Auras: [#b7f28f63]
 lvl 12 Aura of Divinity
 lvl 10 Defiance
**Equipment [#h03a6d6c]
A large amount of Maple Leaves were spent on:
- weapon to +900%ED
- armor to 10,000+ defense, DR 40, +60% max life

For my remaining Maples, I haven't decided yet where to go next. A few options I'm considering:
- Obsidian meld the gloves to add damage and bring Deadly Strike to 100%
- %EDef the armor to the cap
- straight life on the armor
- more %max life on the helm

***Weapon switch: [#x20533e3]
+12 Battle Orders Javelin, +1 all skills forged, 3x +1 all skills jewels
+1 all skills shield, +1 all skills forged, 3x +1 all skills jewels

***Charms: [#qe3054b9]
Ibuki carries all 7 Unique Charms and the veteran's charm.  She also carries 7 socketed square charms, some rare grand charms, and a couple of staffmod large charms which I would like to ditch eventually.  She has only 10 spaces left in her backpack.
**Merc and Merc Equipment [#iec1b375]
Trip supplies Might/Concentration/Annihilation/Fanaticism/Vigor.  Concentration, Fanaticism, and Vigor have poor range but Dragon Flighting to bosses takes care of that problem when the extra bonuses actually help.  The bonuses from them are not usually needed against regular monsters.  He also has a slim chance of casting Battle Command when struck, for whatever that's worth.  I tried to balance decent +all skills with enough damage and leech so he can hold out for a reasonable time against the big Domain bosses.
**Comments [#t5198557]
- I prefer having fanatism oskill on the main char when using a might merc, the slvl is just much higher than the oskill.   -- [[goeido]] &new{02-13-2009 (Fri) 14:04:03};

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