*Temari - Assassin [#m22b4a53]


**Character Intro and Overview [#zde8f06b]

This character is a rebuild of a very old character of mine - my first Samurai from the N10A patch. Back then, she got to level 94 and could trounce anything in Hell safely and easily without breaking a sweat. This character was designed to be able to do the same thing, and in most respects, I've succeeded. So far, the character is level 93 and powerful enough to play on P8 in nearly any area in the game with good kill speed and survivability, excepting the Domain.

The equipment is more or less complete, with the exception of the weapon, which has a long way to go before I deem it complete, and some D-Stoning and Forging choices here and there. 

**Stats and Attributes [#od3625d6]

Pictures coming soon.

**Skills [#y96fe6b1]

(All points are base values.)
Blade Shield: 30
Blade Sentinel: 25
Poison Stream: 20
Cold Blast: 24
Dragon Blade, Shadow Master, and pre-reqs: 1
Melee Mastery/Burst of Speed/Cloak of Shadows/Weapon Block: 1

Her damage with Blade Sentinel is around 9500 - 16k on the LCS, and with Dragon Blade it's  22k - 54k. This gives me immense potential for life leech, making it easy most of the time to simply run into the fray and start swinging. Blade Shield also has big damage, giving me a good offensively defensive skill.

**Equipment [#u5df159d]

Pictures coming soon.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#k91b72b6]
Pictures coming soon.

**Comments [#t67df596]

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