*Knox - Fist of Heaven Paladin [#wd27e490]


**Character Intro and Overview [#q3eb4bcc]
Knox is my paladin from the ladder R6D Nov08. This is the first paladin i have made since i play ES. Normally i dont like palas very much because they have no really strong nova kill like immolation/hellsgate/sandstorm. I like nova-chars most but fistofheaven looks also very nice and has something of a nova!

I was concentrating this char on magic skill damage. It was an experiment! I didnt expect that i would be so good. Now i am happy that i havent d-stone %lightningskilldamage on my weapon. The magic damage output is quite impressive.

I would say its not too hard to get this skill at lvl100 with such an equipment!

Here u can see the skill if i use protection from lightning aura. But this doesnt kill so fast like with conviction.

**Stats and Attributes [#x822e1b0]
I put all status points into energy to get the highest bonus % lightning/magic skilldamage. The 1087% increase maximum life comes from oak/bo and jewels forge . The whole equipment consists of + 1 all skill jewels which are +12%increase max life forged.

**Skills [#k5c6fc72]
30 protection from evil
30 holy bolt
25 blessed hammer
20 fist of heaven
3 skills for holy shield
4 skills to come to conviction
the last skills i put in were for fun!

**Equipment [#f8cbe628]

The helmet is a act3 alkor diadem of the skill master with +3 paladin skills and + 1 to pierce flesh and bone.


**Merc and Merc Equipment [#hf3433ac]

**Comments [#g925414f]
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