Natures Friend


~Stats (base):
      158 OR 148
      146 OR 156

   Raven: 1
   Spirit Wolf: 5
   Dire Wolf: 14
   Poison Creeper: 20
   Volcanic Creeper: 20
   Arctic Creeper: 20
   Water Elemental: 20
   Cow Balloon: 0
   Oak Sage: 0
   Heart of the Wolverine: 0
   Spirit of Barbs: 0
Additional points: Wherever you want to put them in really. If you want to, you could put them into the Spirits, but it wont really be nessicary for reasons I'll explain later.

   Weapon: Branch of the Ents
   Shield: NA
   Torso: Hide of the Tarrasque
   Gloves: Claws of the Dragon
   Helm: Beast of the Night
   Boots: Spirits of the Dead
   Ring(1): Yagul's Wrath- Try to get one with either HotW or SoB or both.
   Ring(2): Yagul's Wrath- Try to get one with either HotW or SoB or both.
   Amulet: Talisman of Hotei
   Inventory: Get one or two MAX grand charms with Trainer prefix. You will be happy you get the extra space. If you can't get HotW or SoB with your Yagul's Wrath rings, get a Veteran's Odd Charm. It will help.

~Hireling: The Act Two Desert Mercenary (nightmare-defense)
   Weapon: Mercenary's Pike H
   Torso: Mercenary's Wraps H
   Helm: Mercenary's Shriek H
   Gloves: Iron Fist
   Boots: Spirits of the Dead
   Ring(1): The One Ring
   Ring(2): Zodiac Band
   Amulet: Beads of the Guardian

~Strategy: Basicly, you should play this character if you prefer to fight with minions, not brute force. Although you can do that too if necessary. I just said where I put the basic 100 points, mostly because the summon tab is all I use and I really don't know where I put them...:). The extra damage from the Synergies is nice, but if you have five of each vine, two elementals, a pack of wolves, three+ spirits to boost your creatures more, a hireling that dose the same thing, and the ability to kill everything that escapes your (rather large) army, you really don't need it. Unless you want it. In which case, go nuts! The completion of Nature's Rule gives you +2 To Summoning, +3 To Druid Skill Levels, 50% Increased Attack Speed, +25 To All Attributes, All Resistances +50, Magic Damage Reduced By 25, 150% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, and +1 To Morphing (Trent). Plus all of the extra goodies from your armor and weapons. The helm itself lets you absorb one fourth of all elemental attacks(except poison) healing you, then with high resist dealing less damage. Not to mention that Thorns Aura affects ALL of your creatures, so it is a good substitute until you get SoB. Then, he'll just be quite powerful.

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