Guys, I started this project just for fun at first, but now I think it has some pluses compared to the Database Recipes page:

-Better Navigation. It will be possible to go straight to, let's say, Assassin Crafting, or Jewelry dstoning.

-Expanded Notes. We can edit our own notes, which should help new players get started and not ask many questions on the forum (so where do I get those old jewels? :) ).

-Links. Now it would be possible to make links to other pages directly from the recipes.

-I can fix my own typos. ;)

-I'd hate making Tsuru update this page, he is busy enough, so we've got to update it ourselves.

-It will take me a while to finish it. :(

Do you guys think it's worth doing? Any feedback is appreciated.

Easytough :)

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|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#181818):&size(18){''Eastern Sun 3.00 Cube Recipes''};&br;COLOR(#181818):&size(14){ES 3.00 R5D and later};&br;COLOR(#181818):&size(10){by tsuru (tsurumurasaki)};|
|>|>|CENTER:COLOR(#181818):You can buy special storage items like Gem Can and Rune Stocker at Gheed.&br; Please see each item for the usage. Gem Can, Rune/Decal/Multi Stocker and&br; Rerolling Orb can store up to 6 items of a kind at once.|
|>|>|CENTER:COLOR(#EEF5FF):+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Torso means Body Armor. Armor means all kinds of armor.COLOR(#EEF5FF):+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|

*Special Recipes [#aa7abfd2]
|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Input COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Output COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Notes COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|
|CENTER:Staff of Kings&br;Viper Amulet|CENTER:Horadric Staff|CENTER:LoD Legacy Recipe|
|CENTER:Khalim's Brain&br;Khalim's Eye &br; Khalim's Heart &br; Khalim's Flail|CENTER:Khalim's Will|CENTER:LoD Legacy Recipe|
|CENTER:Wirt's Leg or Any Club Class Weapon &br; Tome of Town Portal|CENTER:Portal to the Secret Cow Level|CENTER:Club Class Weapons include all&br; ''wooden'' mace class weapons.|
|CENTER:Wirt's Leg &br; Tome of Identify|CENTER:Damage Augmenter|CENTER:Increases your total Melee/Ranged&br; Damage by 1% per Level.|
|CENTER:Old Jewel|CENTER:3 Magic Jewels &br;(ilvl=99)|CENTER:The 'old jewels' don't drop in this version of ES.&br; In an earlier version all jewels had&br; to be converted to 'blank' jewels&br; due to a bug. These are just&br; refunding recipes.|
|CENTER:2 Old Jewels|CENTER:2 Rare Jewels&br;(ilvl=99)|~|
|CENTER:5 Old Jewels|CENTER:Unique Jewel&br;(ilvl=99)|~|
|CENTER:Old Morphing Charm|CENTER:Perfect Gem|CENTER:Morphing Charms don't exist in this version&br; of ES. It is just a refunding recipe.&br; More information [[here.:]]|
|CENTER:Any Item&br;Decipherer&br;Full Rejuvenation Potion|CENTER:The Same Item&br;Removes COLOR(#4D4F9C):Slain Monsters Rest in Peace|CENTER:Full/Partial Set Bonus can't be removed.|
|CENTER:Any Item&br;Decipherer&br;Thawing Potion|CENTER:The Same Item&br;Removes COLOR(#4D4F9C):Freezes Target|~|
|CENTER:Any Small Charm&br;Decipherer&br;1-4 Stamina Potions|CENTER:Special Small Charm&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):-(25-100)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item|CENTER:0% MF is the best for finding white/gray items.&br; Negative MF also increases the chance of&br; low-quality items.|
|CENTER:Any Small Charm&br;Decipherer&br;1-4 Thawing Potions|CENTER:Special Small Charm&br;COLOR(#4D4F9C):-(10-40)% Faster Run/Walk||

*Misc/Repair Recipes [#k453bdef]

|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Input COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Output COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Notes COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|
|CENTER:3 Any Healing Potions&br;3 Any Mana Potions&br;Chipped Gem|CENTER:Rejuvenation Potion|CENTER:These recipes essentially let players&br; buy rejuvenation potions from vendors&br; who sell gems.|
|CENTER:3 Any Healing Potions&br;3 Any Mana Potions&br;Normal Gem|CENTER:Full Rejuvenation Potion|~|
|CENTER:3 Rejuvenation Potions|CENTER:Full Rejuvenation Potion||
|CENTER:Heart&br;Soul|CENTER:Rejuvenation Potion||
|CENTER:2 Hearts&br;2 Souls|CENTER:2 Rejuvenation Potions||
|CENTER:3 Hearts&br;3 Souls|CENTER:Full Rejuvenation Potion||
|CENTER:Any Non-Ethereal Weapon/Armor&br;Rejuvenation Potion|CENTER:Fully Repaired&br;Quantity Reset to 255||
|CENTER:Any Non-Ethereal Weapon/Armor&br;Full Rejuvenation Potion|CENTER:Fully Repaired&br;Fully Recharged&br;Quantity Reset to 255||
|CENTER:Any Ring/Amulet&br;Full Rejuvenation Potion|CENTER:Fully Recharged||
|CENTER:Any Arrow/Bolt/Javelin/Throwing Weapon|CENTER:Quantity Reset To 500 (Quivers)&br;Quantity Reset To 255 (Others)||

*Gems/Runes [#yc4e3221]

|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Input COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Output COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Notes COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|
|CENTER:3 Gems of the Same Color and Grade|CENTER:Gem of One Higher Grade (up to Perfect)||
|CENTER:2 Flawless Gems of the Same Color&br;Wild Card|CENTER:Blemished Gem||
|CENTER:2 Blemished Gems of the Same Color&br;3 Wild Cards|CENTER:Perfect Gem||
|CENTER:Perfect Gem&br;Flag&br;Chipped Gem|CENTER:Perfect Gem of Chipped Gem's Color||
|CENTER:2 Runes/Decals of the Same Grade|CENTER:Rune/Decal of One Higher Grade (up to Wo or Zod)||
|CENTER:Rune/Decal Stocker&br;Scroll of Identify|CENTER:Converts the selected Rune/Decal's Points&br;into a Rune/Decal Point of the next grade.|CENTER:This is a  'convenience recipe'.&br; It lets players upgrade runes/decals&br; without having to extract them &br;from a Rune/Decal Stocker.|
|CENTER:Any Rune/Decal&br;Scroll of Town Portal|CENTER:Rune/Decal of One Lower Grade (down to I or El)&br;Scroll of Town Portal||
|CENTER:Ka Rune (#4)|CENTER:Removes/Adds COLOR(#4D4F9C):Knockback|CENTER: This recipe makes a blank 'red Ka'&br; rune with no Knockback. It works only&br; for weapon runewords. You can't remove&br; the Knockback on an item itself&br; or on the LoD Nef rune.|
|CENTER:Fu Rune (#32)|CENTER:Removes/Adds COLOR(#4D4F9C):Freezes Target +2|CENTER: This recipe makes a blank 'red Fu'&br; rune with no Freezes Target. It works only&br; for weapon runewords. You can't remove&br; the Freezes Target on an item itself&br; or on the LoD Cham rune.|
|CENTER:Blackmoor&br;Crushed Gem|CENTER:Mi Rune (#10)||
|CENTER:Ancient Decal&br;ES Rune|CENTER:LoD Rune||
|CENTER:LoD Rune|CENTER:Ancient Decal&br;ES Rune||

*Ancient Relics [#t13fda40]

|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Input COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Output COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Notes COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|
|CENTER:Unidentified Ancient Scroll&br;Ancient Decipherer|CENTER:Identified Ancient Scroll||
|CENTER:Unidentified Ancient Scroll&br;Multistocker with (at least)&br; 1 Ancient Decipherer point|CENTER:Identified Ancient Scroll&br;Multistocker with -1 Ancient Decipherer point|CENTER:This is a  'convenience recipe'.&br; It lets players identify Ancient Scrolls&br; without having to extract an Ancient&br; Decipherer from Stocker.|
|CENTER:2 Ancient Scrolls (1-25)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (1-30)||
|CENTER:2 Ancient Scrolls (26-50)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (20-50)||
|CENTER:Cookbook&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (1-30)||
|CENTER:Unique Stone (nor)&br; Any Ancient Scroll&br;Rune 1 (I) to 10 (Mi)|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (1-10)|CENTER:Scroll No. is determined by Rune No.|
|CENTER:Unique Stone (exc)&br; Any Ancient Scroll&br;Rune 11 (Ya) to 20 (Ra)|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (11-20)|~|
|CENTER:Unique Stone (eli)&br; Any Ancient Scroll&br;Rune 21 (O) to 30 (Ni)|CENTER:Ancient Scroll (21-30)|~|
|CENTER:3 Same Ancient Coupons|CENTER:LoD Unique Item|CENTER:LoD Weapons, Helms, Body Armor&br; and Shields are spawned with 2 sockets.&br; (Multi-socket uniques are spawned with&br; one more socket, if the base item can have.)&br;&br;Gloves, Belts and Boots are spawned&br; with 1 socket.&br;&br;Rings and Amulets are spawned&br; with +1 To All Skill Levels.|
|CENTER:2 Same Ancient Coupons (Normal)&br;Wild Card|CENTER:LoD Unique Item|~|
|CENTER:2 Same Ancient Coupons (Exceptional)&br;2 Wild Cards|CENTER:LoD Unique Item|~|
|CENTER:2 Same Ancient Coupons (Elite)&br;4 Wild Cards|CENTER:LoD Unique Item|~|
|CENTER:8 Ancient Coupons (Normal)|CENTER:Wild Card||
|CENTER:4 Ancient Coupons (Exceptional)|CENTER:Wild Card||
|CENTER:2 Ancient Coupons (Elite)|CENTER:Wild Card||
|CENTER:5 Ancient Coupons (Normal)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Coupon (Exceptional)||
|CENTER:2 Ancient Coupons (Exceptional)&br;Ancient Coupon (Normal)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Coupon (Exceptional)||
|CENTER:5 Ancient Coupons (Exceptional)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Coupon (Elite)||
|CENTER:2 Ancient Coupons (Elite)&br;Ancient Coupon (Exceptional)&br;Randomize Stone|CENTER:Ancient Coupon (Elite)||
|CENTER:Multi Stocker&br;Scroll of Identify|CENTER:Converts the selected Coupon's Points&br;into a Wildcard Point.|CENTER:This is a  'convenience recipe'.&br; It lets players convert Coupons into&br; Wild Cards without having to extract&br; Coupons from Multi Stocker.|

*Cubing Materials [#yc931263]

|>|>|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#181818):COLOR(#AFAFAF):Organs include Hearts, Souls, Brains, Eyes, Scalps, Horns, Fangs, Jawbones, Spleens, Quills and Tails.&br;Steaks, Cookbooks, Flags and Player's Ears are not Organs.|
|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Input COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Output COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|CENTER:BGCOLOR(#D0D8E0):COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++COLOR(#181818):Notes COLOR(#D0D8E0):+++++++++++++++|
|CENTER:8 Ancient Decipherers|CENTER:Dragon Stone||

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