*ES Unique/Set spreadsheet [#n0dfe55a]

I (INFECTiON_ on PhrozenKeep) decided that having a new page on the ES Unique/Set spreadsheet to keep track of Runes, D-Stones, PGems etc would be a good idea, so i made it. I'll upload what ive made so far.

On the 4th tab, labeled Misc, is a column of color coded runes, a column of D-stones, Maple Leaf, Wildcard, and a column of PGems of all variations. I know its a bit bare at the moment so anyone who wants to can mod it and upload a more complete version.

&ref(ES Spreadsheet.xls);


I (Eleventh) added some more information to the Sets portion.
This is designed more to be a checklist for someone collecting ES sets.
The last column is especially helpful for Exceptional and Elite gambling.

&ref(Set Checklist.xls); 11/28/07

&ref(Set Checklist.jpg);

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