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First entry: Decided to try a /p 8 Nihlathak Run with my partially completed Samurai Sin.

She did okay, surprisingly the biggest troublespot by far was Nikirtana. I don't know what it was, but she hit a wall of Snakes, Tatarashi's, Barbs, Shriekers, and Evil Eyes at that one spot and could not bust through. The War Cry and Molten Boulder's probably wrecked her minions. The Merc and all 3 Shadows died, she chugged 4 pots and retreated to regroup. A two-hit Dragon Blade is nice but there were far too many very angry targets for it to handle alone. I think the War Cries messed up her casting also, it took 4-5 tries just to land a single Decrepify curse.

She cleared them out the second approach, but the ferocity of the battle was a surprise. I have to debate keeping the Might Merc or not, my self-supplied Battle Orders is only lvl 14 while a Defensive Barb would be much higher. He may be able to work once fully equipped, we will see...

foolish moment of the day:
Attempting to jump right in and knock out Nihlathak right at the beginning of the battle. I survived, the Merc was in the yellow, and one Shadow was left in the red. Dragon Flight is probably not a good idea!


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