-Here is the Animation (or Attack) Speed Calculator I have used to create the EIAS tables for Fanatic Swing and other ES skills that are not handled by normal IAS calculators.
-The program is an interactive console application that uses the standard Unix library. I have developed it using Cygwin (Linux environment under Windows).
-The program prompts for the various parameters of the desired animation, then generates the EIAS table. The default values for each parameter are given in the square brackets. If the EIAS step is 1, the table is filtered to show only lines where the attack frames change, if a greater value is used, every line is displayed.
-I have written the animation data I could find in a big comment block at the beginning of the program.
-This program should work for most animations, not just attacks. I am not sure if/how other speed increase mods (FCR, FBR, ...) work or if they have a diminishing return function like IAS.
-I don't yet know how the Wereform attacks work, they aren't handled by this program.

***comment by tsuru [#g659f076]
-Thanks for making and public releasing the program!
-I remember there had been a formula for Werebear/Werewolf attack speed at [[Wereform Central:http://home.comcast.net/~thedragoon/wereform.html]], but some of the contents are now missing and I couldn't found it again. I'll search my old HDDs later.
-It would be nice if this page can host a CGI version of the calculator. ''Can someone port it to Perl for us?'' I can write Perl a little, but am currently busy with other patch updates, so any help will be appreciated.

-- The numbers given by the calculator seem a bit inconsistent, with an Assassin and Claws I get a 1 frame attack with most attack types and >270% Weapon IAS, but the attack speed table gives a 2 frame attack with the same numbers. -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-28-2006 (Thu) 06:38:28};
-- The Wereform calculator on Wereform Central should be applicable to ES, just use the Werebear to calculate numbers for the Elemental and use Maul for Double Smash. I'm not sure what attack speed Iron Claws and Charged Claw (Strike?) use, but I assume that at least Charged Claw use the same numbers as Fire Claws/Maul. -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-28-2006 (Thu) 06:38:11};
-- I have looked over the info on Wereform attacks availiable on Wereform Central and the Amazon Basin and I'll probably update the program to handle them or write a seperate program for that (Wereforms attacks need a lot more parameters than regular attacks). -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-28-2006 (Thu) 06:37:17};

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