**Bow and Crossbow Skills [#x7e18f35]
***Magic Arrow [#k03fac22]
:Difference from the LoD version|Magic damage is much improved.
:Pros|Consumes no arrow. Comsumes no mana (at slvl 13+), which is very effective against PI and mana burn monsters. Gives synergy to very many skills.
:Cons|Single target skill. Magic damage isn't bad but less effective as a single target skill than Legendary Arrow with enough pierce. 

|Mana Cost|1.5|-.125|-.125|>|>|CENTER:(reaches 0 at slvl 13)|
|Magic Damage|1|+1|+3|+9|+27|+27|
|Physical Damage to Magic Damage Convert%|1|+1|+1|+1|+1|+1|

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