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-If you find any errors in ES Database or ES Wiki, please post them in [[Errata:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Changes#u186dd1a]] section. (Click EDIT at the upper right of the heading "Errata".) If you are familiar with Wiki format you can directly edit the errors in Wiki.

*Recent Changes of ES [#o1530d31]
[[ES 3.00 R5F>ChangesInR5F]] (work in progress)
[[ES 3.00 R5G>ChangesInR5G]] (work in progress)
[[ES 3.00 R5F>ChangesInR5F]] (Sep 21, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R5E>ChangesInR5E]] (Sep 14, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R5/A/B/C/D>ChangesInR5]] (Jul 02-08, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4G>ChangesInR4G]] (Jun 03, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4E/F>ChangesInR4E]] (May 14-15, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4D>ChangesInR4D]] (Apr 29, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4C>ChangesInR4C]] (Apr 13, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4A/B>ChangesInR4A]] (Mar 30-31, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R4>ChangesInR4]] (Mar 16, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R3F/G/H>ChangesInR3F]] (Jan 31 - Feb 02, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R3D/E>ChangesInR3D]] (Jan 03, 2007)
[[ES 3.00 R3C>ChangesInR3C]] (Dec 23, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R3/A/B>ChangesInR3]] (Dec 12-15, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2J/K>ChangesInR2J]] (Nov 06, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2H>ChangesInR2H]] (Nov 04, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2G>ChangesInR2G]] (Oct 29, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2E/F>ChangesInR2E]] (Sep 27, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2D>ChangesInR2D]] (Sep 12, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2C>ChangesInR2C]] (Sep 01, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2B>ChangesInR2B]] (Aug 26, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2A>ChangesInR2A]] (Aug 24, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R2>ChangesInR2]] (Aug 23, 2006)
[[ES 3.00 R1x>ChangesInR1x]] (May 24 - Jul 12, 2006)

*Errata [#u186dd1a]
-Herculean Grip Titan Gauntlets lists "8% Chance to Cast Level 11 Static Field On Attack", but it is supposed to be "on striking".
-/Players x affects monster damage and attack rating in hell difficulty as well as its
normal effects (quoted from [[Phrozen Keep Code Editing Forum:http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43749]])
-%%The "Bright" Prefix for jewels which gives +AR/lvl gives +2 AR/lvl, not the +4 listed.%% fixed (also fixed other AR/lvl affixes and AR%/lvl affixes)
-%%The "Striker's" Prefix for Small Charms gives +0.5 and +1 AR/lvl, not the +1 and +2 listed. %%fixed
-%%Sescheronya's Spark Unique Jewel gives +1-250 Lighting Damage, not 1-300. %%fixed

*Known Issues [#k08f1d95]
-Please also see [[LoD 1.10 Bugs (Alive):http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Changes#dd58c718]]
-''Any hack/cheat programs can cause a crash or an error.''
--Please don't use any.
-''Normal (white) Throwing Weapons disappear when used up.''
--This is a normal behavior of D2, but any socketables inside are also lost.
--Please watch for the quantity warning so as not to lost Runeworded/D-Stoned ones.
-''All Quivers disappear when used up.''
--Please note Magic, Rare and Unique Quivers also disappear, unlike Magic, Rare and Unique Throwing Weapons don't disappear. Since all quivers are normal quality in LoD, D2 treats any quivers just like normal ones.
--Please watch for the quantity warning so as not to lost good ones.
-''Quivers and Throwing Weapons no longer show the quantity when they have any sockets.''
--This is a bug of D2 but never occurs in LoD where you can't make sockets on them.
--You can see the quantity of a socketed Throwing Weapon by selecting normal attack icon.
-''Act 5 Hirelings can't equip two swords.''
--&color(red){If you give them the 2nd sword, it's lost forever.}; This is a bug of D2Mod Hirelings Plugin.
-''The items given to a hireling can be lost or get invisible.''
--This is a bug of D2Mod Hirelings Plugin and rarely occurs.
--Giving an item at the hireling panel is safer than dropping it on the hireling icon.
--You may be able to take out the lost item by giving a new item on the item slot.
-''The spray of Arctic Blast is invisible when cast in wereform.''
--To keep casting Arctic Blast in wereform, you have to repeat clicking.
--Arctic Blast in wereform is offered as is, instead of being deleted, by the request of users.
-''Too many properties on an item cause a display error or a crash.''
--If an item has too many properties (25+ or so), the properties can't be displayed, or even worse, D2 crashes.
--Multiple socket set pieces (Hireling Sets, Tasselhoff's, etc.) tend to cause this error.
--It's desirable to D-Stone less kind of properties on an item as possible.
--If the item has many sockets, it's desirable to socket similar socketables as possible.
--If you find one of your item cause a crash when you see the properties:
---Grab something and drop it on the corrupted item.
---Now you're grabbing the corruptd item without seeing the properties.
---Put it into the cube and unsocket %%%without seeing the properties%%%.
---If unsocketing doesn't help, throw it away on the ground.
-''"character has too many items"''
(quoted from [[Afterlife Forum:http://www.afterlife.ws/forum/index.php?showtopic=7347&pid=12797&mode=threaded&show=&st=&#entry12797]])
|BGCOLOR(lightskyblue):This mainly happens to me when i leave the shared stash on and go out fighting, try turning it to personal stash first before going fighting. (XIxJunIoRxIX)|
--This error also occurs without PlugY, but this can be a possible solution for you.
-''"eComponent < NUM_COMPONENTS"''
(quoted from [[ZyEl Web Site:http://zyel.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/id6.html]])
|BGCOLOR(black):&color(yellow){Added:  August 15/04; unresolved};&br;&color(lime){Error message or bug:};&br;&color(red){02:04:55.531 -------- FILE: D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp LINE: 1303 --------&br;Assertion Failure&br;Location : D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp, line #1303;&br;Expression : eComponent < NUM_COMPONENTS;};&br;|
|BGCOLOR(black):&color(white){Cause:  This error is caused by a bad graphic animation sequence which has not been clearly identified as of yet.  It only occurs intermittently and mainly during very intense graphic sequences in multi-player games.  Could it be a lag problem - don't know.  Could it be a graphic card problem- don't know.  Could it be a graphics setting in game - don't know.};|
|BGCOLOR(black):&color(cyan){Solution:  re-enter the game and go through the same section again.  The crash is not likely to happen in the same spot again.  Eventually, you'll get through to the next section of the map without mishap.};|

**27 State Crash Bug [#mc5d5a80]
-If a character has 27 states or more, that player makes nearby players crash in multiplayer games.
-Each passive skill uses a state, so some classes like Barbarian tend to come across this problem.
-Unique charms, aura items and some oskill items also uses a state, so rich players tend to come across this problem, too.
-Each of following skills/effects/items uses a state:
--All Passive Skills including Elemental/Weapon/Summon Masteries.
--Auras, Assassin Auras, Curses, Warcires, Armor Spells and any other spells that affect you.
--Special effects from monsters to you that have a duration (Chill, Stun, etc.).
--Special effects from shrines and potions to you that have a duration (Stamina, Skill +, etc.).
--Carry One items (Unique Charms, White Odd Charm).

*LoD 1.10 Bugs [#aff7d890]
-Some of LoD 1.10 bugs have been fixed, but most bugs are hard-coded and haven't been fixed.

**LoD 1.10 Bugs (Fixed) [#o54fad2c]
-''Gloams Lightning Damage Bug''
--Gloams (Hiddens in ES) deal bugged Lightning damage in 1.10. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Tomb Viper Poison Cloud Bug''
--Tomb Viper's poison clouds also deal physical damage per frame. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Act 5 Fallen Shaman Display Bug''
--Fallen shamans in Act 5 shows they resurrect wrong type of Fallens. This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Act 4 Stained Glass Display Bug''
--Stained Glasses in Act 4 shows their name as "An Evil Force". This bug is fixed in ES.
-''Mercenary and Aura Item Bug (1)''
--By a certain method, players can receive the aura damage of Holy Auras (Holy Fire, Holy Freeze and Holy Shock) from aura items as many times as they wish. This bug had been badly exploited on Battle Net to do PK, and was fixed at July 2006, by the server side patch. This bug is fixed by an original method in ES.
--Due to this fix, the slvls of multiple Holy Aura items aren't added up, but they work separately in ES. (This limitation is Holy Auras only, and other auras work as before.) This change reduces the damage if you have multiple Holy Aura items of a kind. The good point is, now they work on top of player's Holy Aura.
-''Fire Enchanted Boss Bug''
--The death explosion damage of FE boss, which was nerfed only by the server side patch in LoD 1.10, is nerfed in ES.
--FE bosses are no longer spawned in NM and Hell.
--Undead Stygian Dolls are not FE bosses and still remain in the game.
-''Inferno Bug''
--Inferno, Arctic Blast and Inferno sentry only deal 1/2 to 1/3 of their listed damage. The animation for the area of effe