Changes in ES 3.00 R4D

  • Because I have to make Nihlathak's Domain playable for tournament players by the end of this month, I release what I can release now. Some of announced fixes and improvements were not in time.
  • Changes are rather few, but no patch version is available because some animation files in the MPQ were renamed. :(

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that no Fire and Lightning Vampires are summoned.
  • Fixed the bug that Skill Tab Froging can't be removed from Crafted Items.
  • Reverted Holy Bolt and Fist of Heavens back to the LoD version as possible (except the damage, damaging other monsters than undead, and no NextDelay of FoH bolts). Hopefully this will fix the reported bugs of these skills.
  • Cleaned up the animation length table and fixed the conflicts between the newly added animations and the original animations.
    • The name of animation tokens of Beholder, Cyclops and Treant, which had conflicted with some objects like a chest or a mana shrine, were renamed.
    • One of Vile Mother's two animation length tables was removed. This is an error of D2 itself.
    • Some other discrepancies in the animation length table were fixed.
    • This will hopefully fix the random animation errors, but may cause new unexpected problems. I have playtested and most of the fixed monsters seemed fine, but please report if you find any animation problems.

Monster Changes

  • Unique bosses are no longer spawned with Stone Skin property in Hell. Instead, increased the physical resist of monsters in Hell by 0-10%.
  • To avoid the graphic lag, changed Tatarashi as follows:
    • Reduced the number of Tatarashi in a group (1-3 -> 1-2).
    • Reduced the chance for Tatarashi to appear (2 -> 1).
    • Prohibited reviving Tatarashi.
    • Tweaked the Firestorm of Diablo and Tatarashi.
      • Range: 80 yards -> 50 yards
      • Missile # in Hell: 11 -> 3
      • Missile # in Nightmare: 7 -> 3
      • Missile # in Normal: 4 -> 3
      • Increased the damage by 100-150%.
  • Increased the skill levels of Nihlathak and his clones in Nihlathak's Domain by 3 (Bone Wave, etc.).
  • Slightly increased the life of Nihlathak clones in Nihlathak's Domain.
  • Reduced the skill levels of Nihlathak clones in the factories/farm by 1 (Sandstorm, Hell's Gate).
  • Reduced the skill levels of Nikartana by 3 (Phantom Hatchets, Berserk Fury).
  • Increased the chance for Shriekers to make an interval between casting Warcry.
  • Reduced the chance for Safeties to use Charge.
  • Reduced the AR bonus of monster's Charge. (50% + 15%/lvl -> 50% + 10%/lvl)
  • Capped the effect of monster's BO (Cheerleaders, Beholders and Evil Eyes) at +20% Max Life.
  • Nerfed the effect of Cheerleader's Super Salvation (+40% -> +30% to F/C/L/P/M resist).
  • Recided all resists of Master Thief, Creeping Gold and Golden Scarab (by 10% in Hell, by 5% in NM).
  • Reduced the walk/run speed of Master Theif again.
  • Reduced the chance for Master Thief to appear.

Monster Drop Changes

  • Made the drop of Treant King, Reziarfg, Reporb and 5 super uniques in Nihlathak's Domain as good as Baal's.
  • Made more monsters drop "double drop" (a monster drops as if 2 monsters are killed). Double drop monsters are as follows, and the monsters in red were added in this version.
    • Naraku Level 1: Living Ice
    • Naraku Level 2: Living Ice, Evil Eye
    • Naraku Level 3: Living Ice, Matagi, Namahage
    • GFraizer Dome: Quarterback, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Safety
    • Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark: Outfielder, Slugger, Manager, Umpire, Knucleballer
    • Nowhere: Ghastly Horseman, Grimalkin, Treant
    • Nihlathak's Domain: Evil Eye, Grimalkin, Tatarashi, Vile Swordman
  • Increased the amount of gold Creeping Gold and Golden Scarab drop by 33%.
  • Improved the gem drop again. No Chipped Gem in Nightmare. No Flawed Gem and Chipped Gem in Hell.

Skill Changes

  • Reduced the mana cost of following skills:
    • Raise Vampire: 16 + 2/lvl -> 16 + 1.5/lvl
    • Bone Spirit: 16 + 2/lvl -> 16 + 1.5/lvl
    • Bone Wall: 32 + 2/lvl -> 24 + 2/lvl
    • Summon Water Elemental: 40 + 3/lvl -> 40 + 2.5/lvl
  • Increased the damage of Fist of Heaven.
  • Increased the heal amout of prayer after slvl 22 (+3/lvl -> +5/lvl).

Recipe Changes

  • Following Recipes now refund the key.
    • 3 Crafted Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel
    • 3 Set Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel
    • 6 Rare Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel

Map Changes

  • Reduced the area size of Naraku Level 1-3 by 20%.

Runeword Changes

  • Changed Unknown armor so that it has two Masteries and more defense, and added two variations.
    • Mi Chi Su U: Cold Mastery -> +1-800 Defense
    • Ri Chi Su U: Lightning Mastery -> +1-800 Defense, Cold Resist -> Lightning Resist
    • Ki Chi Su U: Fire Mastery -> +1-800 Defense, Cold Resist -> Fire Resist
      (Suu means "number" in Japanese, and Michi means "unknown". Kichi means "known" and Richi means "reason", but I gave the same runeword name Unknown to the variations for convenience sake.)

Misc Changes

  • Made Act 3 Hidden Stashes open faster.
  • Made Aura of Divinity blink slower. Adjusted the offset.
  • Updated the Runetool.

Carried over to R4E or later

To Do

Map Changes

  • Add some shortcut in Naraku?
  • Reallocate Nihlathak from Nihlathak's Domain to some easy area?
    (Make Nihlahak in Nihlathak's Domain non-quest related like uber Diablo?)

Monster Changes

  • Adjust the monsters' level in Act 3 special areas in Normal difficulty.
  • Improve the Super Unique in Dark Magician's Chamber.

Monster Drop Changes

  • Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.

Skill Changes

  • Merge the states used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total states used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games.
  • Improve Inferno Sentry. Replace the skill with Teeth, Hell's Gate or Bone Wave.
  • Change the set morph bonuses to oskills like werefroms?
    • Allow to use wereform skills when morphed.
    • Abolish and refund the morph charms?

Item Changes

  • Try to fix the wrong total damage display with "Damage XXX-XXX" mod.

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