Bug Fixes

  • Changed the damage bonus of Motoko's Power so that it fully works.
    • +150 To Max Damage -> +50 To Max Damage (This is because Max Damage is capped at +50)
    • (+1.25/clvl) +1-125 To Max Damage Per Level (New)
  • Fixed the bug that monsters drop some LoD body armor.
  • Fixed the typo "Lchdanan" again.
  • Added the missing string "of Replenishment".
  • Shortened the description of Magic Esaser page 2 (-Req% -> -Req) to avoid the display bug.

Magic Eraser Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that Life, Mana and Stamina can go negative.
    • Now you can remove these stats only 1 by 1.
  • Fixed the bug that you can't remove Enhanced Damage on a weapon.
    • Now you can remove these stats only 1 by 1.
    • While the Enhanced Damage on a piece of armor can be safely removed, the Enhanced Damage on a weapon can go below zero (and get bugged). Please stop it at zero by yourself. This is because a cube recipe can't check the Enhanced Damage on a weapon (a restriction of D2).
    • This recipe now requires a Emerald if the target is a weapon, instead of a Chipped Emerald, so that players don't use this recipe without knowing the restriction.
  • Fixed the bug that Fire/Cold/Lightning/Poison Damage can't be removed if they have no Min Damage.

Reported Bugs

  • Rerolling with a Gem Can doesn't work correctly.
  • The launcher doesn't launch the 2nd instance of ES.
  • Magic Eraser reduces some mods below zero.

To Do

Crystal Recipes

  • Improve the stats of Kanji Runes.
    (Add auto repair?)
  • Kanji Runewords
  • Kanji Rune Forging
  • Increase the drop chance of Null Rune?
  • Uber Forging
    • Golden Anvils
  • Oopart base items
  • Crafted Charms
  • Crafted Jewels
  • jp_neta
  • Crystal socketable, morph


  • yymmdd
  • jp patch
  • If any of the stored items on following stockers hit the cap, the stocker doesn't accpet that item any more, instead of losing the item point.
    • Rerolling Orb, Multi Stocker
  • Rebalance Unique Weapons.
  • Rebalance Unique Class Specific Armor.
  • Class Skill bonus on weapons needs to be more generic
  • new base armor for eth armor upgrade
  • can opener size change, rerolling orb image change
  • valk attracts meph,duri,council
  • uniquestones -> stocker
  • Map changes?
  • gold storage
    1. The damage augmentor charm does not have any effect with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. I don't know if it doesn't work, or if it's just not displayed. I hope it works, because Dragon Talon could sure use the help.
    2. Elemental damage from equipment is not displayed with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. It does work with the skill though.
    Death sentry seems bugged, i have illustrated in the skill description 1-28k lightning damage and it doesnt do significant damage that justifys its description at all and i use lightning mastery + conviction + lvl 5 ancients call, this tested on players 1 act 5.
    I think you're right that something is wrong with it. I tried it out, comparing it to Lightning Sentry. The skill descriptions were ~1-8800 for Death Sentry and ~1-13k for Lightning Sentry. Stacked Death Sentries barely scratched some skeleton archers, I mean whole volleys were taking out only slivers of life. I then used Lightning Sentries on the same pack of skeleton archers and they took down the boss himself in maybe 2 volleys. This was /players 1 Hell Dark Wood.

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