*Changes in ES 3.00 R6 [#q238d811]


**Beta Files [#f66be5bd]
-These files are beta and may cause problems.
-Please remember ES automatically makes a backup of your characters and stash in "(your D2 folder)\es300r\save\backup". 
-Please don't use any beta versions in multiplayer games.

-This updates the skills.
-Please report the skill balance, especially the new Sacrifice.
(The skill description of Sacrifice hasn't been finished. The shown life loss is the percentage of the current life per 10 frames.) 
-USAGE: Unzip to "(your D2 folder)\es300r\data\global\excel".
-To uninstall beta, please reinstall R5H. 

**Bug Fixes [#eb48c35d]
-Fixed the bug that following recipes crashes ES.
--Raistlin Set Weapon base change (Grim Scythe -> Rune Bow)
--Raistlin Set Weapon base change (Rune Bow -> Rune Staff)
--Any Set Item that can't be converted + Thawing Potion
-Fixed the bug that Multi Stocker returns a Healing Potion when it should return a Mana Potion. 
-Fixed the synergy amount from Shapeshifting Mastery to Werewolf and Elemental Form (+3% Damage per Level -> +7%.)
-Fixed the data of RW Medecine in Runetool, which had been accidentaly broken.
-Fixed the bug that Spirit Wolves don't regenerate their life.
-Fixed the wrong synergy description of Charged Claws. (Feral Rage -> Fire Claws)
-Fixed the bug that tokenizing any 3 socket Rune Scepter (including Righteous Avenger) yields a corrupted token.
--The corrupted tokens of Righteous Avenger can be untokenized.
--The corrupted tokens of other 3 sokcet Rune Scepters cannot be untokenized. (Sorry)
-Fixed the bug that Precision Cleaver has a lower base damage than supposed.
-Fixed the bug that Reziarfg and Reporb are wrongly colored black.
-Fixed the bug that Decipherer Jackpots don't happen.

**System Changes [#n2bc579f]
***Rescaling Skill Levels [#t6d2ca2f]
-As explained in this thread, the skill level is capped at 100, and if once your main skill hits level 100, it's very difficult to improve your damage any more. So, to make the room for further improvement:
--"+2 skill bonus" on a jewel (ex. Skill Affix + Tab Forging) is prohibited.
--To make up for this, all skills are generally improved so that they do more damage with less skill levels.

-Due to the change of jewel forging, all existing Jewels are temporarily converted into tokens when you update ES to R6.
--%%&color(red){''PLEASE UNSOCKET ALL JEWELS from items before update''};, or they will be lost because tokens are not socketable.%%
--Jewel tokens remain even if they are socketed in an item, but don't work until untokenized.
--You can untokenize jewel tokens by cubing. If any Forging is appplied, it's removed and the materials are refunded.
 have 120 req level and doesn't work until untokenized.
--Sorry for the inconvenience, but it would be better than the item wipe for most players.

***Others [#u9df5ce5]
-(Win) Removed the save data size limit (8KB) of D2. (Got rid of Too Many Items error.)

**Item Changes [#ode0bcff]
-Removed Carry One Check from Unique Charms.
(This doesn't mean you can carry multiple Unique Charms of a kind. Carry One Check is a protect against a certain cheat, but a Carry One Check counts as a state and can be the cause of '''27 States''' error and '''Too Many Items''' error. So I decided to remove them for the benefit of the generality of players.)
--The Carry One Check on an existing Unique Charm can be erased by cubing. 
--The Carry One Check on a White Odd Charm still exists and can't be erased.

-''Reaver of the Angel of Annihilation'' (Set Soul Destroyer)
--50% CtC Lvl 14 Bone Armor When Struck -> +5 To Bone Armor (because CtC BA overwrites native BA)

-''Yagul's Wrath'' (Unique Druid's Seal)
--2% CtC Lvl 50 Bone Wall When You Kill An Enemy -> Hell's Gate (by a request, to avoid graphic lag)

-Socketing following items no longer makes the target ''Mercenary Only'', because +2 Skill Bonus on a jewel is prohibited.
--6 Jewels on Weapons and Body Armor
--4 Jewels on Helms and Shield

-Reduced the stack size of following throwing potions.
--Choking Gas Potion, Exploding Potion: 500 -> 300
--Strangling Gas Potion, Fulminating Potion: 500 -> 100
***Charm Changes [#a8d3fced]
-%%Secret Recipe 45 and 47 also convert Large Charms into a socketed Long Charm (a 1x5 item).%%

-Magic/Rare Large Charms, Grand Charms, Square Charms and Odd Charms can be tokenized.
(Unique Charms and White Odd Charms can't be tokenized.

-Abolished the negative FRW charm, because now you can remove unwanted FRW by Magic Eraser, and the game becomes buggy if you have too much negative FRW.

-For a technical reason, existing negative MF charms are also deleted, but you can make mew ones. 

***Jewel Forging Changes [#x7bc8d80]
-Prohibited Jewel Forgings that grants +2 Skill Bonus on a jewel.
(Please also see [[Rescaling Skill Levels:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?ChangesInR6#t6d2ca2f]])
---Bow & Crossbow Tab Forging to '''+1 To Ama''' Jewel -> Not Allowed
---Bow & Crossbow Tab Forging to '''+1 To All''' Jewel -> Not Allowed
---Bow & Crossbow Tab Forging to '''+1 To Sor''' Jewel -> Allowed

-%%Now Unique Jewels and other Jewels are treated equally for Forging.%%
//--Skill Forging: Can't be applied to jewels.
//--Skill Tab Forging: Can be applied to all jewels.
-Stat Forging can also be applied to magic/rare jewels.
--Stat Forging has 3/4 effect on magic/rare jewels.
-2/3 Rune Forging is now simply called Rune Forging.
--Rune Forging has approximately 3/4 effect on magic/rare jewels. (Some have less, and some have more.)

***Jewel Affix Changes [#xb2d983e]
-Added following jewel affixes to make up for prohibiting +2 Skill jewels.

***Base Item Changes [#e115fddb]
-Rebalanced the base damage of elite weapons.

--Moderated weapons Min/Max Damage ratios, so that they are 25:75 at least and 40:60 at most.
(This is because the weapons with less max damage benefit less from '''Enhanced Max Damage Per Level'''.)

--Increased the base damage of fast/normal weapons and reduced that of slow weapons.
(This is because weapon speed is less important than weapon damage in ES.)  
---1H Melee Weapons
|WSM|Old Damage (Avg.)|New Damage (Avg.)|Diff.|h

---2H Melee Weapons
|WSM|Old Damage (Avg.)|New Damage (Avg.)|Diff.|h

|WSM|Old Damage (Avg.)|New Damage (Avg.)|Diff.|h

|WSM|Old Damage (Avg.)|New Damage (Avg.)|Diff.|h

---Throwing Weapons
|WSM|Old Damage (Avg.)|New Damage (Avg.)|Diff.|h

**Skill Changes [#q3fbf778]
***Rescaling Skill Damage Per Level [#cb04da31]
-Generally improved the skill damage especially in high slvls.
(Please also see [[Rescaling Skill Levels:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?ChangesInR6#t6d2ca2f]])
(Please also see [[Rescaled Skill Damage:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?RescaledSkillDamage]])

***Amazon [#hcb00913]
--Required Level: 6 -> 12
--Prerequisites: None -> ''Sway''
--Also includes the fuction of ''Avoid'' and ''Evade''
--D/A/E animation takes only 1 frame with all weapons
--D/A/E chance: (3-50)% -> 20% (Fixed)
--+1% DR per base point
--No defense bonus
---Sway: +1% Chance to D/A/E per level

-''Avoid'' -> ''Sway''
--Required Level: 12 -> 6
--Prerequisites: Dodge -> None
--Defense Bonus: 15 +15 +30 +45 +60 +60
---Dodge: +10% Defense per level (Increases the flat defense bonus of Sway by 10%)
---Petrify: +10% Defense per level (Increases the flat defense bonus of Sway by 10%)

-''Evade'' -> ''Petrify''
--Required Level: 24 -> 6
--Prerequisites: Avoid -> Inner Sight
--An Inner Sight like skill that slows target's Run/Walk speed.
--Doesn't overwrite curses, Inner Sight and Slow Missiles.
--Slower Run/Walk: 33% + 3% per Level
--Radius: 1.33 yard + 0.67 yard per 3 Base Points
--Duration: 4 seconds
---Inner Sight: +0.12 Second per Level
---Inner Sight: +3% Slower Run/Walk per Level
--Unlike Decrepify, attack speed is not affected (so ranged attackers still fire), but the slow Run/Walk effect is much stronger.
--Suggested Usage: Slow fleeing monsters like Blowpipe Fetish. Slow a dangerous boss pack. Break up a large pack into small groups. (The default radius is narrow, so you can selectively slow monsters.) Keep a monster pack tight so that Lightning Fury effectively works. (For this purpose you need to invest some base point to increase the radius.) 

-''Slow Missiles''
--Prerequisites: Inner Sight -> Petrify

-''Frost Nova''
--Prerequisites: Inner Sight -> None

-''Fire Wall''
--Prerequisites: Slow Missile -> Frost Nova

--Prerequisites: Critical Strike -> None

***Druid [#ub846366]
--Reduced the maximum number of Ravens to avoid ptRoom errors in multiplayer games. Improved killing abilities instead.
--# of Ravens: +1 per 2 levels (capped at 5 at slvl 9) -> +1 per 3 levels (capped at 7 at slvl 22)
--Summon Spirit Wolf: +1 Reven Per 10 Levels -> +1% Crushing Blow Per 10 Levels
--Summon Dire Wolf: +1 Reven Per 10 Levels -> +1% Crushing Blow Per 10 Levels
--Summon Water Elemental: +1 Reven Per 10 Levels -> +1% Crushing Blow Per 10 Levels
--Cow Balloon: +5% Life Per Level -> 10% Lightning Damage Per Level (Adds Lightning Damage that is equal to 10% of Raven's physical damage.)
--Removed the reference to Blindness effect in the skill description and added that to Crushing Blow.
--Added the chance of Crushing Blow to the skill description.

-''Oak Sage''
--Increased the base life and base defense by 50%.
--Increased the life regeneration (3 -> 5).

-''Heart of Wolverine'', ''Spirit of Barbs''
--Increased the life regeneration (3 -> 5).

-''Poison Creeper'', ''Carrion Vine'', ''Solar Creeper''
--Increased the life regeneration (3 -> 5).

***Necromancer [#g8f688c0]
-''Summon Skeleton'', ''Summon Vampire''
--Reduced the footprint of Skeletons and Vampires (2x2 -> 1x1) to reduce the jam.

-''Bone Armor''
--+1% DR per base point.

***Paladin [#uf9f9b47]
--Added 5/4 weapon damage bonus.
--Elemental Damage%: 70% + 6%/lvl -> 100% + 10%/lvl
--Synergy from Protection Auras: 10% -> 12%
--Synergy from Other Auras: 5% -> 7%

--Increased the damage bonus (80% + 40%/lvl -> 100% + 40%/lvl).
--Increased the AR bonus (50% + 15%/lvl -> 100% + 15%/lvl).
--Negates any physical damage you take while attacking.
--The Life Loss is changed as follows:
---Propotional to your current life instead of the damage you deal.
---Propotional to your attack length. (Attacking fast results less life loss.)
---Increases as the slvl increases.
---@slvl 1: 5% of your current life per 10 frames. (7% with the initial weapon, with which you attack at 14 FPA.)
---@slvl 34: 10% of your current life per 10 frames.
---@slvl 67: 15% of your current life per 10 frames.
---@slvl 100: 20% of your current life per 10 frames.
--Removed the Life Loss synergies.
--Made the attack uninterruptible.

--Increased the AR bonus (50% + 15%/lvl -> 50% + 25%/lvl).

--Added 5/4 weapon damage bonus.
--Added AR bonus (20% + 10%/lvl).

--Damage% To Self: 40% + 12%/lvl -> 42% + 12%/lvl
--Damage% To Party: 30% + 9%/lvl -> 35% + 10%/lvl (3/4 of full damage -> 5/6)

-''Holy Shield''
--Required Level: 24 -> 18
--Prerequisites: Charge, Blessed Hammer -> Charge 

***Sorceress [#z0a3eab1]
--Added an AoE with radius 4 yards. (Now CtC Enchant can affect nearby friendly units.)
--In the town, it only affects the caster like Barbarian's friendly warcries.  
--Doubled the mana cost.

***Free Oskills [#gc125f32]
-''(New Skill)'' (Amazon)
--A passive oskill that works only when you equip a 2H melee weapon.
--+10% D/A/E chance (Fixed)
--Defense Bonus: 50% defense bonus of Sway.
---Sway: +1% Chance to D/A/E per 2 levels 

-''(New Skill)'' (Necromancer)
--A passive oskill that works only when you equip a 2H melee weapon.
--+10% D/A/E chance (Fixed)
--Defense Bonus: 10% + 5% per slvl of Bone Armor.
---Bone Armor: +1% Chance to D/A/E per level (capped at 35% at 25 point)

-''(New Skill)'' (Sorceress)
--A passive oskill that works only when you equip a 2H melee weapon.
--+10% D/A/E chance (Fixed)
--Defense Bonus: 10% + 5% per slvl of Aerial Guard.
---Aerial Guard: +1% Chance to D/A/E per level 

-''Holy Parry (modified)'' (Paladin)
--A passive oskill that works only when you equip a 2H melee weapon.
--+10% D/A/E chance (Fixed)
--Defense Bonus: 30% + 15% per slvl of Holy Shield.
(*Pally loses the def from Holy Shield (20% + 10%/lvl) with a 2H weapon, so this is almost equal to Necro and Sorc ones.)
---Holy Shield: +1% Chance to D/A/E per level 

-''Holy Aim (modified)'' (Paladin)
--A passive oskill that works only when you equip a bow/crossbow.
--Defense Bonus: 10% + 5% per slvl of Holy Shield.
---Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer: +2% Pierce per level
---Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer: +5% Attack Rating per level

***Rescaling Defense% Skills [#ec67ad88]
-Reduced monsters' Attack Rating by 25% at most. (Less reduction in early difficulty.)
-Reduced Defense% bonus from skills by 30%.
-This is intended to ease the inequality that the classes/builds with no native Defense% skills are significantly disadvantaged, because monsters are balanced against very defensive characters.

--Assuming an average defensive character has 500% defense bonus from skills in end games.
--His total defense is ''base * 600%''.
--If reduced by 30%, his defense bonus is 350%.
--His total defense is ''base * 450%''.
--So he loses 25% of his total defense, which will be offset by the -25% AR of monsters.
(Less defensive characters will simply benefit from -25% AR of monsters.)

-''Cloak of Shadows''
--Defense Bonus: 10% + 3%/lvl -> 10% + 2%/lvl

-''Shade Armor'', ''Fire Armor'', ''Chilling Armor'', ''Shock Armor''
--Defense Bonus: 30% + 10%/lvl -> 20% + 7%/lvl

-''Iaigiri'', ''Concentrate'' 
--Defense Bonus: 100% + 10%/lvl -> 70% + 7%/lvl

--Defense Bonus: 100% + 15%/lvl -> 70% + 10%/lvl

-''Iron Skin''
--Defense Bonus: 30% + 10%/lvl -> 20% + 7%/lvl

-''Elemental Form''
--Defense Bonus: 50% + 10%/lvl -> 35% + 7%/lvl

--Defense Bonus: 100% + 25%/lvl -> 100% + 15%/lvl

-''Holy Shield''
--Defense Bonus: 25% + 15%/lvl -> 20% + 10%/lvl

**Hireling Changes [#p070f62d]
-''Offensive Barbarian''
--Bash: +4-6 to slvl
--Berserk: -> Concentrate
-''Desert Mercenary''
--Defiance, Holy Fire, Prayer, Thorns, Meditation
---slvl @clvl 20: 2-5 -> 8
---slvl @clvl 50: 5-11 -> 17
---slvl @clvl 85: 10-19 -> 27
---Slightly increased the slvl increment after clvl 85.
---slvl @clvl 85: 3 -> 4
---Salvation: -> Concentration
---slvl @clvl 85: 3 -> 7
-''Western Sorcerer''
--Fire Ball: +4 to slvl
--Gracial Spike: +4 to slvl
--Chain Lightning: +4 to slvl, -10% chance
--Bone Spirit: +10 chance (so that all sorcerers have the same chance of sub elemental attack)

**Monster Changes [#a9263358]
-''Radament'', ''Smith'', ''Hephasto'', ''Lava Fiend''
--Increased Defense.
-''Wyvern'', ''Electrocuter''
--Reduced Life by 10%.
-''Summoner'' (not including Dark Magicians)
--Increased Defense, Life and Experience.
--Uses Living Ice's aura (negating CBF, -Cold Res) and Magma Juggler's aura (-Fire Res).
-''Clay Golem (Monster)''
--Changed the graphic to yellow colored Living Ice type golem and renamed as Mud Golem.
-''Blood Golem (Monster)''
--Changed the graphic to red colored Living Ice type golem and renamed as Flesh Golem.
-''Death Mauler''
--Increased the damage of Death Maul attack.
-''Siege Beast''
--Increased the damage of Stomping attack.
**Plans [#m18d46b4]

***Master Ancient Scroll [#o3d3d435]
-Sold at Gheed.
-An '''Master Ancient Scroll''' (MAS) has a property of '''Scroll Level 0''' at first.
-You can increase the Scroll Level of an MAS by 1, by cubing with an Ancient Scroll (AS) of one higher number than the Scroll Level. The AS is consumed.
(Ex. An MAS of Scroll Level 0 requires AS #1 to be upgraded to Level 1. You can't skip a certain level. If you have no AS #2, you can never upgrade your MAS to Level 2.)
-In Secret Recipes, you can use an MAS as an any AS lower than or equal to its level. An MAS of level 49 can substitute for all AS but AS #50, for example.
-Once your MAS hit level 25, you don't need to carry Ancient Tome #1-25. Once your MAS hit level 50, you don't need to carry Ancient Tome #26-50. This saves the time to put in and take out the Ancient Scrolls when you use Secret Recipes, and discarding Ancient Tomes will prevent the "Too Many Items" error.
-Some Secret Recipes must be changed so that multiple recipes don't require the same materials.
--Secret Recipe 4: Crafted Weapon/Armor (Normal) + 2 P-Gems + DS + FH
--Secret Recipe 5: Crafted Weapon/Armor (Normal) + 2 P-Gems + DS + FH
--Secret Recipe 24: Crafted Weapon/Armor (Exceptional) + 4 P-Gems + 2 DS + 2 FH
--Secret Recipe 25: Crafted Weapon/Armor (Exceptional) + 4 P-Gems + 2 DS + 2 FH
--Secret Recipe 31-36: Gloves/Belt/Boots + 1-2 Elixirs

***Barbarian Skills [#xad37868]
-Integrate Sword/Axe/Mace/Pole/Spear Masteries into Barbarian Melee Mastery (or Closed Combat Mastery).
-(New) Bow Mastery(?)
-(New) Thunder Strike: A Level 1 skill. A Lightning version of Fire Strike. A prereq of Streak Wave.
-(New) Streak Wave: A level 12 skill. A Lightning version of Flame Wave and Cold Wave. A prereq of Nova.

***Free Oskills [#ra135a93]
-Blinder Raven
--A free oskill for Druid granted by Damage Augmenter.
--An alternative skill of Raven (i.e. It uses the skill level of Raven.)
--The ravens summoned by this skill deal Blind Effect like the original ones in LoD.
--A free oskill for Druid granted by Damage Augmenter.
--An alternative skill of Elemental Form (i.e. It uses the skill level of Elemental Form.)
--Has the almost same stat as Elemental Form.
--Elemental has some Fire Absorb. (Defense/Life may be slightly nerfed instead.)
--Werebear has some Cold Absorb. (Defense/Life may be slightly nerfed instead.)
--Werewolf has some Lightning Absorb. (Defense/Life may be slightly nerfed instead.)
-Find Potion
--A free oskill for Barbarian granted by Damage Augmenter.
--An alternative skill of Find Treasure (i.e. It uses the skill level of Find Treasure.)

***Crystal Recipes [#q9870502]
-%%Improve the stats of Kanji Runes.(Add auto repair?)%%
-Kanji Runewords
-Kanji Rune Forging
-Increase the drop chance of Null Rune?
-Uber Forging
--Golden Anvils
-Oopart base items
-Crafted Charms
-Crafted Jewels
-Crystal socketable, morph
***Others [#x381bb5a]

-If any of the stored items on following stockers hit the cap, the stocker doesn't accpet that item any more, instead of losing the item point.
--Rerolling Orb, Multi Stocker
-Rebalance Unique Weapons.
-Rebalance Unique Class Specific Armor.
-Class Skill bonus on weapons needs to be more generic
-new base armor for eth armor upgrade
-can opener size change, rerolling orb image change
-valk attracts meph,duri,council
-uniquestones -> stocker
-Map changes?
-gold storage
1. The damage augmentor charm does not have any effect with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. I don't know if it doesn't work, or if it's just not displayed. I hope it works, because Dragon Talon could sure use the help. 
2. Elemental damage from equipment is not displayed with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. It does work with the skill though. 
-Pally discussion: http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47585
-Kick Damage(?)
-Smite, Sacrifice, Vengence, etc.
-Allow tokenizing Grand Charms and Large Charms %%%except Unique ones.%%%
(Any recipe that spawns Unique Charm(s) can be used for cheating, and bad.)

//メイプルリーフ金貨×5 + クリスタル全種類1つずつ + 「い」ルーン = 空白ルーン
//各上位のユニークチャーム(オッドは通常ユニーク) + エリクサー + 「い」ルーン = 空白ルーン
//アイテムX+回復ポーション+マルチストッカー=メイプルリーフ金貨2つ分のポイント など
// 無効系もランダムで2種類は持っている
// 出てくる敵は羽虫系でポーション系をやたら出してアイテムを拾いにくくする
// (耐性値適応前で秒間ダメージ10000くらいで)
// ボスがやたら硬い意外は普通

***Bookmarks [#u01bc7d9]

Damage Augmenter for each class
New Skills
Unique Items

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