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The ES character utility allows modifications to the saved characters. This utility is intended only for ES 3.0 R6 and to allow updating characters from ES 3.0 R5 to R6. To be safe, it is recommended to make a backup of the save directory before using this tool to modify a savegame, in case something goes wrong (or there is a bug in the program) and it destroys the saved character.

*Windows Version [#bb48a702]
The current version is 0.1. This is a beta release, not all functions are implemented and bugs are quite likely.
**Installation [#g47cf391]
Download the file &ref(./D2sUtil.zip);. Unzip the exe file to a convenient destination (e.g. the ES program folder). Create a shortcut on the desktop and modify the "Start In" folder in the properties of the shortcut to point at your ES save file directory.
**Operation [#q9e982db]
Start the program and load a character file. Information on the current character is displayed if the file was loaded successfully. View or modify the character, then save. On saving a backup file is created, with a ".bak" appended.
Currently the following functions are implemented:
-Update Char Stats: Updates the characters to R6 stat usage. This also gives extra skillpoints for already completed quests.
-Unallocate All Stats: Unallocate all stats (Str, Dex, Vit, Ene) and set them to the starting values of the character class.
-Unallocate All Skills: Unallocate all skills.
**Notes and Warnings [#t6c6e9ae]
Unsummon any Iron Golem you have before you use this utility to unassign skill points, otherwise the character will be corrupted. This does not apply if you're using a Staffmod or oskill to summon the golem (so it will not be saved in the file).

**R6B [#bc99d87f]
ES 3.00 R6B also installs D2sUtil 0.1, so you don't need to download it for yourself. But a new version of D2sUtil may be posted here by Nameless before it incorporated into the next version of ES.

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