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*Community Patches [#l16845e6]
**Premise [#yd598eef]
Well, as has been noted, tsuru has been absent for almost 6 months, and Perfect Cell is very busy, which means no patches :(, but seeing as we have so many community things at our disposal, we should all pitch in to create a "community patch", till tsuru is back or PC gets some time.

we can use this page as a start point for ideas and division of work, as well as assigning those who will oversee the final patch releases.

This should in no way be seen as any disrespect to tsuru and all his hard work, nor Prefect Cell & Lothar 


For me the most pressing things revolve around stability on the Mac OS. R5 and earlier were all rock solid. But, with the introduction of R6 things changed — crashing to the desktop on leveling up, crashing when picking up the Damage Augmentor. These don't happen all the time, but they occur frequently. It seems the more advanced a character is in terms of high-end gear — socketed Unique Charms, tons of plus skills, etc., the more frequent the crashes. (Metro)


*Bug fixes [#b691e99a]
**Highest priority exploit fixes [#z6fc2f9b]

One so far, ask Metro.
**High priority bug and balance fixes [#ca2e6c4b]

Characters become completely stuck and disappear whenever the Dodge oskill triggers.  Confirmed on a Paladin.

/players 8 in Nightmare, Diablo in Act 5 Throneroom, it appears that he is “vulnerable” during the instant he spawns, and can be killed very easily even at /p 8 if hit during this moment regardless of his HP.  Probably a bug of D2.

"of Aurora" for Holy Freeze/Holy Fire/Holy Shock is capped at lvl 6 for helms, change to 12 to match database.

Following Set Items need to be fixed according to the database:
    * Gabrielle's Pointed Staff (Set Maiden Spear)
          Requirements -50% -> none
    * Lixo's Flight (Set Faceguard)
          2 Item Bonus: +10 Lightning Absorb -> Lightning Absorb 10%
    * Lixo's Coat (Set Demonhide Armor)
          +200-400 Defense -> +400
    * Motoko's Captivation Set
          Full Set Bonus: Slain Monsters Rest In Peace -> none
    * Messerschmidt's Rule Set
          Full Set Bonus: 20% Increased Attack Speed -> 40%
    * Malek's Pride (Set Barbed Shield)
          3 Item Bonus: 10-40% Bonus To Attack Rating -> 40%
    * Arion's Augury Set
          Partial Set Bonus: Increase Max Life/Mana 20% (2 items) -> 25%

Set Changes to make:
    * Shepherd's Delight Set
          Full Set Bonus: +4 To All Skills -> +5
          Full Set Bonus: Regenerate Mana 100% -> (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
    * Krakerag's Point (Set Tulwar)
          Base Weapon: Tulwar -> Ancient Sword
            (This item internally has 3 sockets but a Tulwar can have 2 sockets at best.)
    * The Lich's Cage (Set Cuirass)
          (8/clvl*) +8-800 Defense -> +800 Defense
            (*=internally capped at +7.875/clvl)
    * Rogue's Bow, Mercenary's Pike and Barbarian's Point
          (5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 5-500 -> (2.5/clvl)
          Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 50 -> 200
    * Rogue's Bow/N, Mercenary's Pike/N and Barbarian's Point/N
          (7.5/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 7-750 -> (5/clvl)
          Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 100 -> 400
    * Rogue's Bow/H, Mercenary's Pike/H and Barbarian's Point/H
          (10/clvl*) Attacker Takes Damage of 10-1000 -> (7.5/clvl)
            (*=internally capped at 7.875/clvl)
          Full Set Bonus:Attacker Takes Damage of 150 -> 600

Recipe changes to do:
    * A 6 Pack of Perfect Gem can replace 6 Perfect Gems in all recipes.
          Secret Recipe 16, 17 (Socketing Normal Weapons/Armor without Rerolling)
          Secret Recipe 26 (Making a Maple Leaf, incl. Multistocker Shortcut)
    * "Unique Charm -> Maple Leaf" conversion doesn't work if the target is forged (for      safety's sake.)

cLoD Amulet coupons out of order #09-11. List taken from current cubemain.txt:
01 Nokozan Relic
02 The Eye of Etlich
03 The Mahim-Oak Curio
04 Saracen's Chance
05 The Cat's Eye
06 Crescent Moon
07 Atma's Scarab
08 The Rising Sun_lod
09 Seraph's Hymn -> 11
10 Highlord's Wrath -> 9
11 Mara's Kaleidoscope -> 10
12 Metalgrid

Assassin chargeup skills:
Fists of Fire charge 3 is unaffected by Fire Mastery.
Claws of Thunder charges 2 and 3 are unaffected by Lightning Mastery.
Phoenix Strike, all charges are unaffected by Cold, Fire, and Lightning Mastery.

Fix Barbarian's skill switch on Veteran's Charm.

Fix Sorceress' skill switch on Veteran's Charm.

Bone Wave needs to show cold effect on impact.

Phantom Hatchets.
1. It says +1 missile per 2 skill points... however it increases 1 per skill point for me.
2. It says +1 trigger missile per 15 base points, I'm currently at 20 now and it is still 3
Trigger missiles, this is the exact same amount it gave me at skill level 1.
(Nameless: AFAIK this should work the way it's displayed, Tsuru only changed Multishot but forgot to actually change Phantom Hatchets.)

Sway adds much less Defense to the character than it should according to the skill display, at least according to the LCS.

The Druid's Rabies synergy to Fury does not work. When you put points into rabies you get no damage boost to fury.

Throwing Mastery gives double throw, normal throw, and berserk fury a much larger boost than intended.

Bug that Raise Vampire wrongly requires Metal Golem instead of Fire Golem as one of the prereqs.

Oak Sage seems to add far more life than it says it does.

Ancient's Call does not receive the 1/5 penalty when breaking elemental immunities.
-Hardcoded? May need rebalancing if can't fix.
-Its fine the way it is, if there wasn t the 1/5 penalty on immunes, this skill would be enough to break every elemental immunity
 Maybe only a few monsters need some resistance update, as some monster´s immunities still can t be broken with 2 lower resist skills

**Medium priority bug and balance fixes [#nfc6456e]

Druid Ravens die instantly from attacking monsters with "thorns" effect shields (Fire and Chilling Armor, etc...).

Petrify displays the Duration in the fixed part, but it actually increases with skill level.

Bug that Petrify shows the old skill description (Dodges while running) on the skill icon.

Bug that Petrify shows the old skill name (Evade) in the LCS.

Assassin Medallion of Samurai works fine, but is mislabeled as Medallion of Caster on creation.

Coupon fixes:
# Criffkiller Coupon "Long Siege Bow" -> "Large Siege Bow"
# Corpsemourn Coupon "Ornate Armor" -> "Ornate Plate"

The skill description of Golem Mastery always shows the damage bonus as +3.

I can't get the following Amulet Custom Reroll recipe to work with the rerolling orb: 
3 Rare Amulets
(or Rerolling Orb with 7 Magic Amulet pts)
Flawless Ruby
Flawless Sapphire
Flawless Topaz
Flawless Emerald
Rare Amulet
(ilvl = char level)
All Resistances +11-14 

The gemword Holy gives a 100% ctc lvl 10 Thunderstorm on attack that doesn't work.
Bug only happens when using one chipped diamond I think.

The Damage Augmentor can be forged.

Werebear (alternative skill to Elemental Form) does not get the synergies. AFAIK all that needs to be done is to copy the Params section to that skill (with those fields empty, the game takes them as 0, so you actually get 0% synergy).

**Low priority bug and balance fixes [#r2461ee1]

I cannot use the magic eraser recipe to remove the +1 shadow disciplines on the Smiiiff Stone Unique Jewel.

The wording in the rune forging recipes on the database is confusing, I would suggest saying "up to Ra rune" instead of "up to O rune".

Tinkering is unlimited when applied to socketed gem/runewords.  Might be ok not to change.
*Suggestions for new content, recipes, etc... [#p1dde24b]

Nihlathak Bone Wave too strong because of recent synergy from Hell's Gate?

It would be very nice if Firestorm could be changed the same way as the Bone/Flame/Cold Wave spells to avoid small ground obstacles, it can be difficult to hit monsters in cluttered areas.

Kanji runes needing only 1 crystal instead of 2 (Except God and Heaven runes of course.)


- 2 flawless gem rare reroll recipe working with gem can
- Coupon reroll recipes working with Multi Stocker
- Multi Stocker +  x -> 6 of the selected items , as in many cases, especially Dragon Stones, this would save a lot of time
- Multi Stocker + Scroll of Town Portal -> Multi Stocker with previous output selected + Tp scroll
- Null Rune + Tp scroll -> Wo Rune
- Ethereal Unique rerolling recipe
- Recipe to make LoD Uniques Ethereal. -> Example: 3 Coupons + Maple Leaf + Elixer = Ethereal Unique LoD item 
*Fixes & Content Still To Be Done [#c06c66d9]
- Nightmare Diablo exploit -> Possible Life Overflow
- Fixing Ancients Call(and similar spells) -> These seem balanced as is
- Finding why masteries aren't applied to assassin charge ups -> Engine Bug

- Recipies
    - 2 flawless gem rare reroll recipe working with gem can
    - Coupon reroll recipes working with Multi Stocker

*Download & Instructions [#p52102eb]
    - This patch is ONLY FOR PC, mac users will have to wait till it is determined that the patch is stable and contains no exploits
    - Unzip this into your d2 folder(where ES300R is installed)
    - Use At your own descretion, ie: make backups
    - It is upto tourny admins whether this patch is allowed(due to the harder NM Diablo)
    - If you can't open zips, download 7zip from www.7-zip.org for free
- Get The Unofficail Patch Here: [[ESR6E Unofficial:http://files.filefront.com/ESR6E+Unofficialzip/;13870501;/fileinfo.html]]
- Updated: 08 June 2009 8:42am

*Patch Comments [#ucb79752]
    - Nightmare Diablo was rebalnced to avoid a roll over in the throne room, this may result in him being harder
    - All Damage Augmenters need to be rerolled, this can be done by cubing it
    - DA's cannot but unforged on purpose, and come forge on purpose
    - New Content Will not be add till bugs are fixed
    - Ancients Call And the like haven't been changed as they seem balanced as is
    - Oak Sage Works Fine -> ((base_life + item_life) * (sage_bonus + item_life_bonus))/100. item_life EXCLUDES life per level(this is a engine bug)
    - Sway: Does the synergy also need base points in sway to take affect? -> currently its if(base_level > 0){ AC *= (synergys * 10)/100 }else{0}
    - Throw Mastery Works as it should Skill & Display Wise -> Buggy Application of the stat in the D2 Engine?

*New Recipes [#p432a1c5]
- Wo Rune + Maple Leaf = Nul Rune
- Nul Rune + Maple Leaf = Wo Rune
- MultiStocker + Minor HP Potion = MultiStocker + 2 of The Seleceted Outputs 

*Comments [#ffea9568]
- I wouldn't recommend changing the version of PlugY with ES until you can confirm compatibility. I'm pretty sure Tsuru had a reason for sticking with the older version that's bundled now. -- [[Metro]] &new{06-19-2009 (Fri) 09:44:55};
- The New PlugY is really up to the user, but i'll stick it in, as for filtering items, this requires a HUGE function in d2Client to be replaced, which i'm not going to due for a mod thats needs to be mac and pc compatable, so I don't want to widen the gap between the two -- [[TheUnkownSoldier]] &new{06-19-2009 (Fri) 05:52:34};
- Well, the remembering /p8 is doable if we ever get around to integrading the latest version of plugY. -- [[Kjara]] &new{06-18-2009 (Thu) 04:36:09};
- Things i would like to see: A split up "highlight item" key (FE: 1 key to highlight all multistocker items, another to highligh uniques, another to highlight rares etc, but leaving the highlight all key) or an interface like the gamble filter that will allow you to filter what is shown. This would be exceptionally handy for a find item barb or in places like Lost Farm. Also i would like the game to remember when i set players to 8 (this is really minor lol , mostly a lazt thing) -- [[Landi]] &new{06-17-2009 (Wed) 03:40:02};
- Hmmm, odd, i'll check that out(though I never touched barb skills...) -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-11-2009 (Thu) 05:07:21};
- Some of the Barbarian passives do not properly. FRW is not increased by Vit of the Ancients, at least according to the extra pages from PlugY. The Def bonus (Iron Skin) is weird, Def increases after Battle Command, if you re-requip the DA, then Def increases a bit more. -- [[Nameless]] &new{06-09-2009 (Tue) 14:19:32};
- New Patch is Up :D -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-08-2009 (Mon) 06:42:18};
- I though I had Put in trapping recipes to make Unforging just return a normal, forge DA, seems I forgot them, thanks for spotting that -- [[TheUnkownSoldier]] &new{06-08-2009 (Mon) 06:02:52};
- Note, the damage augumeter fix doesn't work: In its new forged state, you can "unforge it(3 thawing potions)" and get out a unforged(and forgeable DA) and 2 anvils.  Not sure if its possible to tweak cubemain to disallow unforging of it. -- [[Kjara]] &new{06-07-2009 (Sun) 23:50:27};
- Didn't even think of the filter, noted for the next release -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-06-2009 (Sat) 03:44:12};
- Been playing a bit, found one issue that is a non-issue on the PC, but would be a problem on the Mac: You forgot to reset the gamble filter before you packed the patch. -- [[Nameless]] &new{06-05-2009 (Fri) 16:36:48};

- The state bugs are due to diablos bad programming, all that can be done is reduce to amount of states, what i did was integrate the 4 states on the DA into 1, which should fix the mac issues, the stash crash is plugy/d2 engine bugs cause theres too many items with too many stats on the first/open stat page. The exploit bug is patched, but please avoid mentioning it. I'll see about integrating the barbs passive states into 1. tomorrow i'll release the first patch, though only the pc one, i don't have the resources to upload the 80mb mac patch -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-02-2009 (Tue) 17:50:41};
- What about the drops when there are too many auras used? Or Stash is too full... -- [[Kobrakai]] &new{06-02-2009 (Tue) 16:08:09};
- There is also a bug that you can make {exploit}... Should be patched also. sp00f@hotmail.com if you want more info. -- [[Kobrakai]] &new{06-02-2009 (Tue) 15:36:35};
- Is it possible to get the 27 State Bug fixed? I can't even host a game with my barb now, or is that something else? Everytime I try to host now it just says Failed to Join. Even made him naked and no luck. Or am I experiencing a different sort of problem? -- [[Stormy]] &new{06-01-2009 (Mon) 20:55:20};
- Well give some details, like the message displayed, the version of d2, etc -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-01-2009 (Mon) 18:02:59};
- My ES keeps crashing when Black Knights, and other monsters are around. -- [[Koushuu]] &new{06-01-2009 (Mon) 07:36:21};
- Its not plugy thats the problem, its the use of d2mod and code edits(in both mac and pc), only option is to use a mini image -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{06-01-2009 (Mon) 05:35:31};
- What about the version of PlugY that Eastern Sun runs with (4.01?)? Does that version of PlugY work with the 1.12 patch? I've become too accustomed to playing without a CD, mostly since I lost mine and reinstalled using my dad's CD with my key. -- [[Nick]] &new{05-15-2009 (Fri) 05:23:13};
- Use a mini image instead, much easier. one can't run 1.10 with the 1.12a exe, but you can dl a special version of the 1.12 exe that runs 1.10, and replace your game.exe with that -- [[The Unknown Soldier]] &new{04-16-2009 (Thu) 10:15:31};
- Can you fix it so that this works with the latest version of Diablo 2, if someone has used the no-cd feature? -- [[Vidimir]] &new{04-08-2009 (Wed) 08:46:56};
- Well I understand. Great to hear that things are moving again :) @Rykker: I don't think that it works that easy. If the main issues have been dealt with it might be worth a try looking into that. For now you can create and image from your LoD CD and mount it to avoid using your CD. That's what I do since my CDs tend to get lost if they are not properly stored in their cases... -- [[Firesnake]] &new{04-02-2009 (Thu) 18:24:38};
- About replacing game.exe to get the no-cd crack to work, how does one do this? The way I tried gave me a"game not installed" error.  Thanks for any help. -- [[Rykker]] &new{04-02-2009 (Thu) 10:12:35};
- I'm not at liberty to reveal that info, Firesnake. Once the patch has been released and things are going smoothly, then I'll ask Onyx about the proper protocol for revealing more info.  -- [[Metro]] &new{04-01-2009 (Wed) 20:47:08};
- Who is the modder, if I may ask? -- [[Firesnake]] &new{04-01-2009 (Wed) 20:29:57};
- ES runs on 1.10, which needs a 1.10 game.exe, which means no no-cd crack unless game.exe is replaced(which you can do yourself) -- [[The Unknown Soldier]] &new{03-24-2009 (Tue) 07:23:17};
- Due to a recent update to D2, you can play the game without a disk as long as you have all of the files in the folder (from the cd) you can play without the disk in the drive. It would be nice to implement this to Eastern sun as well.  -- [[oonique]] &new{03-22-2009 (Sun) 04:14:40};
- would really like a Null- Wo conversion -- [[ROC_Lunasky]] &new{03-19-2009 (Thu) 17:10:54};
- yeah, i think it would help to keep the database bugs seperate as only tsuru can touch that. if a Null is equal to a Wo, maybe a conversion recipe would be better, like Null + Flawless Gem = Wo or Null + Chipped Crystal = Wo -- [[The Unknown Soldier]] &new{02-24-2009 (Tue) 06:56:15};
- In the Low priority area there is a suggestion about something in the database, but since that is (i believe) hosted on tsuru's personal website we cant really change that. (unless we host and updated version of that website somewhere else ourselves). so should database errors/suggestions also be placed here? -- [[153957]] &new{02-23-2009 (Mon) 22:48:05};
- imo, null isnt more worth than Wo cause u need ton of farming after crystal to use the null, i would say its value is the same as wo or nu= a downgrade would give nu or he. -- [[LordBrox]] &new{02-23-2009 (Mon) 19:17:40};
- The multi output of the cube is capped at 3 items, so with the stocker you can only get out 2 ingredients. There is some debate whether a Null is really above the Wo, if it is rarer a downgrade recipe would be nice  -- [[The Unknown Soldier]] &new{02-22-2009 (Sun) 07:40:06};
- Added some recipe suggestions -- [[Moonie]] &new{02-21-2009 (Sat) 10:59:33};
- The custom reroll should work just fine, as it doesn't hit any caps or limits, and the useitem is the can, meaning there aren't any problems, its probably a typo thats causing problems -- [[The Unknown Soldier]] &new{02-19-2009 (Thu) 17:08:25};
- AFAIK Custom reroll recipes can't be done using the Gem Can or Rerolling Orb instead of normal items/gems, the way cube recipre work simply doesn't allow it. -- [[Nameless]] &new{02-19-2009 (Thu) 06:47:26};
- Excellent update Blinn. Thanks so much as always. I just PM'd with the modder today, and he mentioned to me that he was going to start tackling things tomorrow. He certainly has enough on his plate for a while. Once the above exploits and majors bugs have all been ironed out, then the ES community may need to see if it's time for a clean sweep, do major content changes in all facets of the mod (break compatibility?), and release an S series. -- [[Metro]] &new{02-18-2009 (Wed) 21:59:27};
- Good idea, I only have 1 exploit on the list and Metro knows what it is anyway. -- [[Blinn]] &new{02-18-2009 (Wed) 21:36:16};
- Yes thats a good idea, though some exploit aren't fixable, like players x based ones  -- [[TheUnknownSoldier]] &new{02-18-2009 (Wed) 16:59:56};
- exploit fixes; shouldnt those just be PM'ed to metro instead of posted for everyoe to see. -- [[153957]] &new{02-18-2009 (Wed) 07:08:20};

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