*The Caps of Damages and Monster's HP [#e8e476eb]
-Made an immobile (idling) monster and attacked it to know the caps of damages and monster's HP.

***Conditions [#y0af20e6]
-Area: Hell, Blood Moor (The area level is modified to 85)
-Monster: Scarecrow (modified)
-Mlvl: 85
-Base HP: 13991
-HP Modifier: 8000%
-Fire Resist: none
-Physical Resist: none
-Life Regeneration: none

***Experiment 1 [#b83bae64]
-Attack: Normal attack with no weapon and 320K-320K fire damage from charms.

||HP%|HP of Normal&br;Monster|Hit# to kill&br;Normal|Hit# to kill&br;Champ|Hit# to kill&br;Unique|Hit# to kill&br;Minion|h

--Champs and unique bosses seem to have the same HP, which is slightly less than 200% of normal monsters's HP.
(The Arreat's Summit says champs have 300%, and uniques have 425% of normal monster's HP in Hell, which seems wrong.)
--Minions seem to have roughly 150% of normal monster's HP.
(The Arreat's Summit says minions have 275% of normal monster's HP, which seems wrong.)
--The HP of normal monsters doesn't roll over, but is capped at somewhere between 8954240 and 9513880.
(This has been confirmed by additional experiment. Tested with HP Modifier 12000% and 16000%, and normal monsters always die with 27 hits at players16.)
--The HP of Champs, Uniques and Minions does roll over, and leads a one-hit kill. The shreshold seems equal to the cap of normal monster's HP (between 8954240 and 9513880).

***Experiment 2 [#vc294901]
-Players#: 16 (HP is saturated)
-Attack1: Normal attack with no weapon and fire damage from charms.
-Attack2: Normal attack with a midified scimitar (base min-max = 232-233, ED 900%) and min damage and ED from charms.

--(D2 BUG) If monster's total hp is very large and the remaining HP is too small (less than 1 pixel of the life bar?), the life bar is displayed as full. This seems a bug of D2, but only occurs when the monster's HP is very large and the remaining HP is too small.
--Early 8389K physical damage reduces saturated monster's HP into almost zero. (It seems as if it deals no damage due to the above bug, but the monster always die with the next hit.)
--After putting a few points into Strength, the displayed damage is still 8389K, but it couldn't deal any noticeable damage.
--The threshold seems somehwere between 8389.0K and 8389.99K, and then the damage does roll over.
--The threshold seems equal to the cap of the monster's HP, but the displayed damage in LCS (8389k) doesn't correspond with the calculated HP (8954240 ^ 9513880). This may be due to Lying Character Screen.
--According to the LCS, the threshold of fire damage exists between 4998K and 5047K. (Since you can't accurately tweak elemental damage by Str, etc, the number is rough.)
--4998K fire damage reduces saturated monster's HP into almost zero (causes the life bar bug), just like 8389K physical damage. So I believe both deals the same amount of damage, and LCS is displaying the Fire Damage wrongly.
--Other elemental damages aren't tested.
--It's not tested if this can be applied to the spell fire damage, either.

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