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[[Character Builds]]

**Concept [#y5c29477]
In N-series, the design of Eagle Eye and Dance of Death almost imply that they should be used together. Dance of Death, like Whirlwind, is, in terms of speed, affected only by the speed of the weapon itself, and is thus not affected by IAS bonuses (or penalties) from skills and equipment. In particular, this means that Dance of Death is not affected by the IAS penalty from Eagle Eye, but still gets the damage bonus. With this in mind, my build went as follows.

**Current Stats [#z0de4f48]
:Dance of Death Damage|22k-57k 
:Jab Damage|34k-77k
:Defense|2450 (3978 with Shout)
:Max Life|1646 (~2.8k with BO from merc)
:Resists|F:95 C:95 L:86 P:86

**Skills [#x1dcde3c]
The concept of the build explains most of the skill points.

:Dance of Death|20
:Shadow Strike|20
:Eagle Eye|20
:Valkyrie|1 (Optional)
:Inner Sight|1
:All prerequisites|1

**Equipment [#r7d28a7d]
In N-series, it is relatively easy to obtain high-end equipment, and simple if you have already finished other characters. Milea's Majesty is immensely powerful as it stands, particularly because the IAS bonus to the weapon when wearing the full set grants enough to reach the fastest Dance of Death breakpoint. You can see how the forging has taken its toll. This character has since been used for Baal-running, so at level 91, each piece of the set had itself been forged, as well as the other forge-able items. Note that it is more useful to put as much enhanced damage as possible onto the weapon: this damage will be boosted by the skills. Elsewhere, I went for as much in the way of extra skills as possible.

:Weapon|Milea's Maim
Socketed: 5x 45+% Enhanced Damage jewels, 4 forged with +1 Passive & Magic skills
Forged: +48% Enhanced Damage
:Helm|Milea's Crown
Socketed: Nexus Star forged with +1 Amazon skills, +1 Amazon skills magic jewel forged with +1 Passive & Magic skills
:Armor|Milea's Mail
Socketed: 3x +resist/max resist jewels, with total +12% maximum resists, +36 resist all 
:Belt|Harness of the Gods 
:Boots|Boots of the Valiant 
:Amulet|Valhalla's Pendant 
:Ring1|Dfuzz's Fingerguard forged with +1 Amazon skills 
:Ring2|Elven Blessing 
:Inventory|2 rare +1 J&S skillers 
Deviant Cell 
Yello Jello forged with +1 Amazon skills 
Lothar's Will 
Perfect Cell 

**Hirelings [#t4ab6bea]
The important part of the equipment here is the Waves of Ascension. Leave it in non-transform mode to get a fast attack, and the Amplify Damage and Decrepify will trigger often. Although it usually breaks physical immunity, the physical resistance left on the monster will often still be high enough to warrant using Shadow Strike instead.

:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)
:Weapon|Barbarian's Point
:Helm|Barbarian's Visage
:Armor|Barbarian's Shelter
:Gloves|Suffocation of Indifference 
:Belt|Band of Famine
:Amulet|Band of War
:Ring1|Band of Death
:Ring2|Band of Pestilence

**Strategy & Tips [#x965aa28]
You will spend most of the game attack with Dance of Death. The gameplay in this case is intense. With Inner Sight reducing physical resistance, and the mercenary helping, Crushing Blow often worked at full effect. Since the chance for Crushing Blow with this equipment was 94%, monsters would often die to fewer than four hits, which meant 2 or 3 dances could kill large packs. Beware of recklessness, however. While dancing, your character can still be hit, and often will. Large life steal normally compensates, but be careful of monsters from which you cannot leech, like skeletons. Also, when you do resort to using Jab or Shadow Strike, be aware that they will be penalized by Eagle Eye's IAS penalty. Dfuzz' Fingerguard grants Burst of Speed, which can be used to overwrite Eagle Eye (and grant more IAS, too). If you can't get it, find some o-skill which can overwrite Eagle Eye. For bosses, you may be tempted to use Jab or Shadow Strike, but note that you will lost the Crushing Blow from Eagle Eye. I used Dance of Death against them anyway.

This character is still my favourite. Now at level 91, her damage output is stupifying, with the numbers above bolstered by over 100% Deadly and Critical Strike. In addition, she can maintain this power with more than 300% Magic Find, making her a surprisingly good runner, too. What would you expect from a character called a 'Death-Dancer'?


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