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*Diary of Reaperofsouls_01 [#w4601e6d]

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**My Profile [#r5f07dd8]
-Started playing Diablo II about 5 years ago.
-Started playing modded Diablo II about 3 years ago.
-Also plays Median regularly
-If you want to trade just let me know!

**Character List [#ufa48364]
-'Lord' ImaSliceYou <lvl 78 Zealdin>
-MrShineyFace <lvl 32 Skellemancer>
-'Protector' SPINNY_TORNADO <(ironically) lvl 58 "Full Summoner" (Uses as many different powerful summons like Shadow Master, Vampire, Valkerie, Bear, etc)>
-Assassin <lvl 55 Shadow/Shurikensin>
-OMG-AMONKEY <lvl 39 Whirlwind/T Storm Barbarian>
-Huntress <lvl 7 Amazon (idk what to make her into.... yet)>
-MeteorShowerFtw <lvl 27 Sorceress (once again, undecided)>

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**My Diary [#k59de702]

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***7-12-2010 [#rc2bacbe]
Today is the day I decided to be a active member of the Eastern Sun community. It is my favorite mod I have ever played for Diablo II and can't wait for the S-series! Now that the introduction I will start with the diary.  

**Comment [#t0c521d2]
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