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Completed act 3 normal with my 3 chars.
1) Cold Sorc- With teleport it was only <15 mins run for the FO Sorc. Fantastic.
2) Frenzy Barb- Hit Run hit again and Run sometimes Leap Attack finished Act 3 normal on p4 in less than 1/2 hr.
3) Lightining Javazone. With Plague doing 20k damage and lightning bolds are 12 who can stop her. Explored all areas with her.

Plan for today- Remaining chars My Sin and Zeolite Pally. With Sin it will be a cutter, Pally is 23 only need to push him to 26 atleast before completing act 3 normal.


Finished the Sin with Act 3 Normal. Her shaddows are fast, but with burst of speed completed Act 3 Normal in 20 mins only.

Pally will be next to go. He is only 23.


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