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***12/1/2009 [#i8f4db86]
Completed act 3 normal with my 3 chars.
1) Cold Sorc- With teleport it was only <15 mins run for the FO Sorc. Fantastic.
2) Frenzy Barb- Hit Run hit again and Run sometimes Leap Attack finished Act 3 normal on p4 in less than 1/2 hr.
3) Lightining Javazone. With Plague doing 20k damage and lightning bolds are 12 who can stop her. Explored all areas with her.

Plan for today- Remaining chars My Sin and Zeolite Pally. With Sin it will be a cutter, Pally is 23 only need to push him to 26 atleast before completing act 3 normal.

***12/2/2009 [#oe5c4338]
Finished the Sin with Act 3 Normal. Her shaddows are fast, but with burst of speed completed Act 3 Normal in 20 mins only. 

Pally will be next to go. He is only 23.
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*** [#jfc09a4b]
*** 12/3/2009 [#dd1efe68]

Starting ES-Zy-El today. Hans is the partener for Zy El. He is starting a summener druid. I planned to do so but now thinking for a starfer or lightning sorc.Updated Hepted table. Started Boot Camp Never done leveling in blood moor and den of evil. Level 14 with my starfer now. Puted 4 points in  magic arrow and 2 in multishots. 1 CS, 1 Sway, 1 Penitrate, 1 Inner Sight(I think putting a hard point is always better).

   I was thinking to leave boot camp thinking 14 will be max level but read on forum that metro did went to 18. So will continue boot camp for one more day. Also need to get few PG's . A Good jewlary drop occured. Got one amazanion pin, targetting for a skill tab jwelary, which will boost my magic arrow to l 8 so almost free arrows.

*** 12/4/2009 [#zd639f9f]

May play or may not. Going to home town. Copied save on my phone will try play in my netbook, but a 10 inch screen might be too small for diablo 2
*** 12/7/2009 [#n4a4b8bb]

Played a lot at 10 inch screen. Started Bingo. Doesnt have one yet but on the way. Never cleared the act 1 this much carefully. Every Chest every monster and every thing. Couldnt push my MF beyond 280% but will put Topaz in everything. Right now at Jail level 2. It took almost 10-12 hrs to come there. I am thinking what will be state in the act 3 Its too long one.Played Hepted also now my druide have beat diablo on p8. Will take else 6 chars soon after i finish bingo act 1.

*** 12/8/2009 [#ka801fa1]

Couldnt play the ES Zy El due to currupt files. But took my sin to act 4 1st way point. Didnt received anything from Izual.

*** 12/15/2009 [#ebb1cf34]
Completed act1 and act2 normal bingos. 3 in each act. Will start HLA today. My demigod is l36 now. So Doing BRW on p8 will be not much difficult i guess. My first priority is to find the CTC AMP.

*** 12/18/2009 [#haa7a44b]
Completed Act 1 Normal Bingo(HLA) No Bingo at all. Now running BRW for Leveling on p4 p5 and p6. Will stop when i will reach p8 smoothely.

**Comment [#uab9ea12]
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- thx hans same to you. Hopw you will get many bingos. -- [[aniket]] &new{12-07-2009 (Mon) 08:52:52};
- Good luck partner. -- [[Hans]] &new{12-07-2009 (Mon) 00:17:34};

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