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I started D2 as early as 1.00 patch but to be honest the first times I played it more serioysly were at 1.10+ era. At some point I tried Eastern sun thanks to a friend of mine. I fell in love with the mod and thought that I would never return to LoD.

However I was a fool back then and I used to cheat every now and then with the game a little. Out of gold and still want some unique item? Just cheat some gold and gamble it. I didn't do any very big cheats unless doing some infinite rerolling with some uniques by using the read only tag on save files counts as one. In the end I got bored with the game and returned to LoD.

I played few ladders on After that I was fed up with bots that advertised some item shops and the endless grinding with bots that ran diablo and baal 24/7 and decided to stick with Single Player. That was lots of fun but when I was doing the 200th (or insert any "big" number) Diarun with my cheaply done hammerdin I remembered Eastern Sun and returned to it. I still have my old save files somewhere secured but I decided to start from fresh so I could say that everything is 100% legal.

My favourite class has always been Amazon so I created one. I though of making Dance of Death her main skill but at the end of NM I decided to drop that idea and stick with good old Strafe. I may make another amazon at some point but until I truly have a godly Strafer at my hands I won't be focusing on other characters too much.


Coming soon.

My Diary


Created this file, wrote some stuff to my profile and went to bed. It was 5:14 am after all. =.=


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