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*Cheveyo's Useless Ramblings [#v5456e72]

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**My Profile [#kda1e9f1]
I've got a short attention span when it comes to video games,. I also have a tendency to come up with a more developed character background and such for my Diablo 2 characters, typically for re-use in other games (especially Morrowind) or stories.
Current Diablo 2 Projects:
-Game Face #2 Necromancer, Daichi.
-The Seven Paladin Project - Lycurgus (Zealot), Zenelly (Avenger), Charon (Ranger), Argus (FotH), Acheron (Shield), Arkadios (Summoner), Melanthios (Assassin/Poison).
-Elemental Summoner Druid

**Characters [#a15ec2b0]
The Seven Paladins:
Build: Zealot
Status: Not started

Build: Avenger
Status: Not started

Build: Fist of the Heavens
Status: Act 1 Normal

Build: Oskill-heavy, Assassin and poison skills.
Status: Not started

Build: Fire Ranger
Status: Act 3 Normal

Build: Shield/defense
Status: Not started

Build: Oskill Summoner
Status: Not started

Sylvanus (Druid)
Build: Vine summoner/elementalist
Status: Act 2 Normal

Daichi (Necromancer)
Build: Golem 
Status: Act 2 Nightmare
**Items I Want [#w77dca14]
-Poison and Assassin oskill items for Melanthios. Anything else that'd fit the sneaky theme would be nice too.

-Oskill Freezing Arrow for Charon. Not a top priority.

-Oskill summons, preferably golems or Druid summons, for Arkadios.

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**My Diary [#i50c77a0]

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***July 31, 2008 [#s4d1f7b1]
Ugh. I'm going to have to re-run Act 2 a few times on Charon to work up to /players 8 from /players 4. Maybe a trip to Blood Raven's Workshop too.
***July 12, 2008 [#xb30fb4f]
Well, I got a ring with +1 Druid skills, +5 oskill Spirit Wolf and +6 oskill Dire Wolf. Goes nicely with my +6 oskill Fire Golem and +6 oskill Clay Golem ring for Arkadios. Additionally, I got my second unique charm today - Lothar's Will.
***July 6, 2008 [#idcb4a25]
Got an excellent magic ring for Arkadios today when bringing my Game Face 2 Necromancer through the Normal special areas - +1 to all Paladin skills, +2 to Defensive Auras, +3 oskill Clay Golem, +3 oskill Golem Mastery. Also got a rare Long Bow with Fires Level 7 Explosive Arrows and very nice Fire Damage. Add Holy Fire and Charon's high Pierce percentage and suddenly we've got more damaging explosions than your average action movie.
***June 10, 2008, Part 2 [#d65ec15c]
Charon's cleared Act 2. His ethereal Evolution Breast Plate was starting to get damaged, so I stuck the runeword into some three-socket Chain Mail for now. Due to mana issues in the longer battles, the Explosive Arrow/Pierce combo proved very useful even without much in the way of Holy Fire bonuses.

Sadly, Duriel's drop sucked.

***June 10, 2008 [#h20a85aa]
Got a Quiveraiden from Sajberhippien. That'll be helpful for Charon.

***June 9, 2008 [#w9382eaf]
Got two pieces of Autolycus' set. Argus has Milabrega's and two pieces of Arcanna's set, +3 to all of his skills.

**Comment [#tca472e7]
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- LEeYIUjSdEo -- [[Sean]] &new{06-18-2009 (Thu) 07:00:06};
- LEeYIUjSdEo -- [[Tristan]] &new{06-18-2009 (Thu) 06:59:51};
- LEeYIUjSdEo -- [[Santino]] &new{06-18-2009 (Thu) 06:59:47};
- bJYjuFPonmSyurWQ -- [[Jarrett]] &new{03-15-2009 (Sun) 04:16:30};
- Er, right, slight issue. Uninstalled D2 due to... well, running out of space. Now, the good news is that as soon as I reinstall it, I can get back to this, since I still have my saves. On the other hand, it's a question of when I get it reinstalled. -- [[Cheveyo]] &new{11-02-2008 (Sun) 18:29:44};
- I'll consider it, but so far my Necromancer's had great luck with finding scrolls. Just gotta get back to playing; took a short Freelancer/Neverwinter Nights/R-Type break -- [[Cheveyo]] &new{07-20-2008 (Sun) 06:03:15};
- i have scroll 31 for trading if you want, send me a pm -- [[ultimategrayfox]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 18:47:18};
- I'm always on the lookout for crystals, even in small quantities. And I've got AS 31, so I could convert them for you if you just repay the cookbook. I'll drop you a PM. -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-13-2008 (Sun) 09:26:57};
- Hm... if I can find AS 31, those would be quite helpful. I checked your item list, don't have anything on it, but I'll keep an eye out for the Strafe gloves for you. -- [[Cheveyo]] &new{07-09-2008 (Wed) 03:41:56};
- Got two decent rare belts with oskill golems, don't know if you want them. http://ungdomar.se/user_file.php?09f010fded11e3bcbec6f9a77113880d&xget -- [[SajberHippien]] &new{07-06-2008 (Sun) 22:23:05};
- Ack, I should've checked back here. Thanks for the tip, Dapaba. Got a ring with charges of L16 Clay Golem and the unique Great Helm for earlier in Arkadios' levelling. -- [[Cheveyo]] &new{07-06-2008 (Sun) 10:27:45};
- I made a HC melee/golemancer sorc based around the Waves of Ascension set, and The Barricade (shield with summon resist oskill). She was a lot of fun to play, but died in late NM. Those two are a good start for a summoner though.  -- [[Dapaba]] &new{06-19-2008 (Thu) 04:29:32};
- Good to know, thanks. -- [[Cheveyo]] &new{06-09-2008 (Mon) 17:06:24};
- Conviction does not work on Poison and Magic resist.[[Plz read here:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Offensive%20Auras#d5ded268]] -- [[NSX-R]] &new{06-09-2008 (Mon) 07:19:58};

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