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*My Page [#lbdc37f1]

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**My Profile [#r889e98f]
I am 25 year old and hooked on to diablo2 lod since mid 2005. Last month I discovered this beautiful mod and playing this ever since.

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**My Journey so far [#z85df06c]

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I started with the thunderbarb barbarian build and now he is level 93. He has finished hell on /players1 . Kills are around 100k. As of now he is gambling for the The Belt of Zeus. I am planning to extensively use Ancient Scroll 50 once i get it.

**Treasures [#j729a436]
Some of the goodies i got on my way

A boss ore

**Comment [#td1d303b]
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- Holy crap, that's a nice ore -- [[FrankiePeanuts]] &new{10-26-2009 (Mon) 04:40:53};

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