CruxVV's Out of Order


Been playing Diablo 2 on and off for about 7 years. I tend to play in spurts, then go cold-turkey, but I always come back. Hence why BattleNet is not for me. I got really frustrated with expiring characters, so went to single player. ES spices things up and I frankly doubt that I will ever return to vanilla.
As for me personally, 20-something accountant at a small company. Likes include animals, video games, outdoorsy stuff, disc golf, House, and various other things. Dislikes include drugs, booze, people who can't admit they're wrong, and probably a few more things that I can't think of right now. That's all you need to know. :P

Character List

  • Lvl 93 Wolf/Elemental Summoner Druid "ES-Bob"
  • Lvl 29 Thunder Barb "IiiiiHateRap"
  • Lvl 48 Golemancer "Golbash" [for gambling CtC Amp rings for the Bowie]
  • Lvl 20 Paladin of which I forget the build -_- "CreativeName"
  • No Tournament Chars at this time, if ever. [Rarely have the time to spend on them.]

To-Do list.

  • Improve damage/playability of Druid Summoner
  • Improve Bowazon's equipment to the point of safe running in Hell diff [Needs Res & Life for starters]

Notes to Self

:Skill Points

  • 2 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for 2H weapons.
  • 4 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for other weapons.
  • 4 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To F/C/L/P Skill Damage.
  • 6 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Magic/Wind Skill Damage.
  • 2 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Summon Melee Damage.

Progress Reports


So I was moving through Act 5 Hell with IGotShot pretty well on players3... I decided to go into Naraku, just to see how far I could get and when I died, I'd go to bed. Well, I was lucky with floor changes being close (though I think I could have survived it, anyway) and actually got to Nowhere. Which was where I got owned.. big time... Fanat pack of horseman combined with a might pack of Automaton.. or vice versa.. Ouch! Oh well, things are scouted out now.. for now, at least. Off to bed...


Just creating a diary for now. I'll be slowly adding things here when I think of them.
Hmm, I need to figure out what I need to gamble... Probably something for the 'zon, but I'm not sure what. *Added equipment list of IGotShot*
Wow, those farmers(?) in the Moonshine Distillery just laid waste to the minions. Extra Fast w/ Might pack. Had to run back to and out of the portal. Barely made it.


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