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*CruxVV's Out of Order [#radba760]

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**Profile [#j34aac85]
Been playing Diablo 2 on and off for about 7 years.  I tend to play in spurts, then go cold-turkey, but I always come back.  Hence why BattleNet is not for me.  I got really frustrated with expiring characters, so went to single player.  ES spices things up and I frankly doubt that I will ever return to vanilla.
As for me personally, 20-something accountant at a small company.  Likes include animals, video games, outdoorsy stuff, disc golf, House, and various other things.  Dislikes include drugs, booze, people who can't admit they're wrong, and probably a few more things that I can't think of right now.  That's all you need to know.  :P
As for me personally, 20-something accountant at a small company.  Interests include animals, video games, outdoorsy stuff, disc golf, House, and various other things.  

**Character List [#jdc77461]
-[[Lvl 90 GF Bowazon "IGotShot">Diary_Crux_IGotShot]]
-[[Lvl 93 GF Bowazon "IGotShot">Diary_Crux_IGotShot]]

-Lvl 93 Wolf/Elemental Summoner Druid "ES-Bob"
-Lvl 29 Thunder Barb "IiiiiHateRap"
-Lvl 48 Golemancer "Golbash" [for gambling CtC Amp rings for the Bowie]
-Lvl 20 Paladin of which I forget the build  -_-  "CreativeName"
-Lvl 86 Lightning Barb "IiiiiHateRap"
-Lvl 48 Golemancer "Golbash" [for rerolling rare CtC Amp rings for the Bowie]
-Lvl 20 FotH Paladin "CreativeName"

-No Tournament Chars at this time, if ever.  [Rarely have the time to spend on them.]

**To-Do list. [#fd054aa8]
-Improve damage/playability of Druid Summoner
-Improve Bowazon's equipment to the point of safe running in Hell diff [Needs Res & Life for starters]
-Improve damage/playability of Bob
-Improve IGotShot's equipment to the point of running red portals quickly on players 7 in Hell diff [i.e. maples/dstones for the bow]
-Use IGotShot to acquire gear for IiiiiHateRap.  
**Needs [#b6db4a5b]
-Ancient Scroll 40
-Maple Leaves
-Eth Ceremonial Armor
-cLOD Griffon's Eye

**Notes to Self [#a97d62e8]

:Skill Points
--2 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for 2H weapons.
--4 actual skill points in Strength or Dexterity grants +1 To Max Damage for other weapons.
--4 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To F/C/L/P Skill Damage.
--6 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Magic/Wind Skill Damage.
--2 actual skill points in Energy grants +1% To Summon Melee Damage.
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:Aura Forging
|Plague's Last Arrowhead|Amazonian Pin|Green Aura Stone|Annihilation|2-4|
|Dweia's Revenge|Assassin's Choker|Red Aura Stone|Concentration|3-5|
|Smaqdoun's Painful Pride|Totemic Pebble|Violet Aura Stone|Defiance|8-10|
|Yagul's Bloody Rage|Druidic Necklace|Yellow Aura Stone|Vigor|4-6|
|The Cursed Doughnut|Death's Locket|Black Aura Stone|Thorns|10-12|
|BlackKnight's Holy Signet|Holy Pendant|White Aura Stone|Clensing|6-8|
|The Mistress' Leather Collar|Sorcerer's Talisman|Blue Aura Stone|Meditation|5-7|

:Staffmods that don't spawn
|Class|Additional Skills (ie. can't appear as a staffmod or random skill bonus)|h
|Amazon|Eagle Eye, Legendary Arrow, Dance of Death, Fire Wall, Frost Nova|
|Sorceress|Time Stop, Fanatic Swing, Aerial Shield, Fissure, Twister|
|Necromancer|Pierce P&B, Killer Scythe, Hells Gate, Hydra, Blade Fury|
|Paladin|Aura of Divinity, Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer, Holy Ward, Summon Anointed Bear|
|Barbarian|Ancient's Call, Phantom Hatchets, Berserk Fury, Nova, Thunder Storm|
|Druid|Sandstorm, Iron Claws, Cow Baloon, Charged Strike, Bone Spear|
|Assassin|Shade Armor, Shuriken, Iaigiri, Teeth, Cold Wave|
**Progress Reports [#d3d777cf]

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***9-10-2008 [#fd05c3f0]
It's been awhile since an update.  I got distracted by Viva Pinata for awhile and probably will again.   But, for now, I've been working on IiiiiHateRap.  He has reached twinking stage and a good bit of my wealth has gone to him.  Quite a nice character he has turned into.  Currently at 93k max lightning damage on Plasma Rain (with Battle Command at +2 skills).  With Ancient's Call at -100% and Hazade, his Conviction merc, he's ripping up hell so far.  I want to get him up to Act 5 quickly, so that he can do multiplayer runs if I want to.  Have to work on the Hazade's equipment and IiiiiHateRap's jewelry and helm.  I'll also have to farm for dstones so that when I get the jewelry I need, it can be socketed quickly.

***08-19-2008 [#t2ab4140]
I've put IGotShot aside for awhile and I'm now focusing on IiiiiHateRap.  (Points for knowing the reference!)  I'm planning on playing him untwinked through the end of NM.  After that, I'll take all the stuff I have stashed away for him and pump him up big time.  Frankly, I just want to save time, otherwise, I'd play thru untwinked all the way.  He's currently running cows for money to gamble the unique petrified wands and for purchasing/amassing pgems for anvil stones.  If he happens around a sol and ral decal, all the better.  Then he'll at least have a meditation aura from the merc.  ... I really should be studying....

***08-02-2008 [#da8a3c91]
IGotShot is having some good luck in the red portals in Act V.  A couple days ago, Unknown Hero dropped, today a Vlad's with perfect resistances.  Forged both with Max Life% and with BO, IGotShot is inching up on 4k life.  Also socketed the Valhalla's Pendant and put a Max Life % jewel forged into it.  Lit & Cold res are sitting at 81, Fire at 71.  Things are looking up!

***07-31-2008 [#v2f02103]
So I was moving through Act 5 Hell with IGotShot pretty well on players3... I decided to go into Naraku, just to see how far I could get and when I died, I'd go to bed.  Well, I was lucky with floor changes being close (though I think I could have survived it, anyway) and actually got to Nowhere.  Which was where I got owned.. big time...  Fanat pack of horseman combined with a might pack of Automaton.. or vice versa.. Ouch!  Oh well, things are scouted out now.. for now, at least.  Off to bed...

***07-28-2008 [#j2bafcef]
Just creating a diary for now.  I'll be slowly adding things here when I think of them.
Hmm, I need to figure out what I need to gamble... Probably something for the 'zon, but I'm not sure what.   *Added equipment list of IGotShot*
Wow, those farmers(?) in the Moonshine Distillery just laid waste to the minions.  Extra Fast w/ Might pack.  Had to run back to and out of the portal.  Barely made it.  
**Comment [#e40b398a]
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