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**Profile [#b3dd6f9d]
-Name: Oliver
-Country: Denmark
-Brief about me: Currently studying at university, but whenever I have some time off I enjoy relaxing with some character building and farming in ES. I really enjoy the complexity of the game, and I'm really impressed with how challenging the end game feels. I speak and write Japanese to some extent. 
-Goal: To clear all areas of ES on Hell with /players 8 on, and at some point to keep a diary in Japanese to improve my language.

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**My Diary [#y21b0b28]

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***24-3-2011 [#ud4d80d3]
So I leveled my assassin to 86 and beat hell on p1. Decided to go opt for a samurai build as the summoner + shuriken wasn't effective enough for me. I guess partly because I lacked the right gear, and didn't have enough base points into dexterity. The sorceress is currently 79 and has a decent immolate / timestop build. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what I exactly want to do next, but I guess trying out another character to get familiar with the new skills would be a good step.

***03-03-2011 [#w66fc131]
I've now been playing for around a week or so. Currently have a lvl 80 assassin, and a level 40'ish sorc. Think I messed up with the assassin, and have decided to focus on the sorc to get a solid farm character going. This way I'll be able to finance my other upcoming projects.

Currently I intend to use an assassin for my "Beat all areas in ES" - project. The shadow masters seem really strong. I remember how strong necro pets where when they got going from when I played with a friend. Not sure on the merc to use in conjunction with the shadow masters nor which skills to use for my own damage dealing capabilities. 

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