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***Stavros Diaries [#i20cdc69]

Hello ES Players! 

-My Chars :

lvl 99 Elemental Druid (TheGod)
lvl 100 Elemental Druid (TheGod)

lvl 97 Shadow Amazon (Aathulua)

lvl 90 GoldFind Fire (Immo) Sorceress (Greedy)

lvl 89 Zeal/Fana Paladin (Spartacus)

More info pic's and build later in Character Builds topic and The Hall of Glory!

***Diatro Eastern Sun Server Info: [#je1d28ed]

Check this :

I find a real cool and 0-24 online D2 Eastern Sun server!

Server Info :      IP : diatro.sytes.net
                   reg file format : "BNETIP"="diatro.sytes.net"

More Info and chat group in Facebook : Diatro Eastern Sun Diablo 2 Mod

Install info : http://diatro.eu/index.php?board=2.0

Come and play with a friendly old Eastern Sun group! ;) 
Come and play with a friendly old Eastern Sun group!and with me ;) 

More info : Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015127982178

///Aszko Bandi

InGame : TheGoD

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