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**Characters [#qf963c14]
-Mountain - level 74 Druid - Act 1 Hell
-Red - Level 60 Assassin - Act 3 NM
-Mountain - Level 74 Druid - Act 1 Hell
-Red - Level 86 Assassin - Act 5 Hell

**Items of Interest [#m44013c0]
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***04-24-2012 [#fe47b170]
Darien's Band (Lv. 70 Paladin Set) Completed

***04-23-2012 [#bc554aa0]
Nu rune
Darien's Wit (Lv. 70 Paladin Set)
Caveman's Fury

***04-18-2012 [#a1cb6d75]
Hi rune
Scroll 27
Scroll 32

**My Diary [#e908fca4]

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***04-26-2012 [#ked5d27c]
Diablo was the biggest pain in the ass thus far.  Diablo himself wasn't too bad but the witches that spawn at the top of the sanctuary were a nightmare.  They were Cold, Fire, and lightning resist, which means my shadow masters' finishing moves were useless.  I had to take them on one at a time. At one I chased a witch almost to the River of Flame. Currently she is finished with the Frozen River and enjoying 81 resist all in Hell.

***04-24-2012 [#baaf6f4e]

Meph in Hell wasn't too much of a problem. Council was more of a pain. Nothing interesting from Meph. I still cannot believe I haven't found a single gold rune yet.

***04-23-2012 [#tbaeb2e3]

I had to switch back to one players.  It's not that my Shadow Masters could not handle the work load but it was just too slow. Still haven't found any interesting items. I don't think I found a single rune in Act 2.

-mid day update- Above I complained about not finding anything good but I just found a few elite items and a Nu rune. I will probably make an Insight out of it.

***04-19-2012 [#yc26acea]

I beat Baal on /p 8 on the second try.  A few uniques and sets but nothing of notable significance.

***04-18-2012 [#sd5d4536]

I tried different builds on eight players but nothing was working, so I'm sticking with the shadow master build. When I made it to Baal the first two rounds went OK. Duriel was hard though because of the witches. I gave up after a few minutes and just quit for the night. I had trouble with Diablo. It took me about 4 times to finally beat him. I'll give it a few more tries before I make any changes.

***04-15-2012 [#rbdfaa10]
I'm sticking with the over powered shadow master build. They are doing better than I expected them to do but I guess normal Nihlathak's is harder than the first couple acts of nightmare. This makes me think that /p 8 NM Nihlathak's will be pretty challenging because my druid has a hard time in Hell act 1.

***04-12-2012 [#t1974e89]
I beat Nihlathak's Domain in Normal on eight players with Red. My strategy with her was maxing out shadow master and shadow mastery. The two shadows just destroyed everything they came in contact with. I don't know how long this strategy can last but I plan on using it as long as possible. 

***04-11-2012 [#vf5f08c4]
I was a little hesitant to start a diary until I was sure I would continue playing. Every other time I've started playing ES I would play for about 1-2 weeks and just quit. I've been playing for about a month now and really enjoy my characters so there is no stopping now. 

**Comment [#q875ae27]
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