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*Viske's Diary [#e389aeea]

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**My Profile [#q8e87a18]
I started Diablo II around about 1.08/1.09 patch, so I'm relatively new. I played on Bnet during that time, and I quite quickly got tired of the many idiots there, so I went on hiatus for a bit. On coming back, I played SP, and found ES while browsing PhrozenKeep. I tried it, and immediately knew it was the mod for me. Since then, i've been playing it on and off while RL lets me, and have recently started taking part in Tournaments, which are very fun :)

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***Current Characters [#ufd2f724]
I'll more than likely do a hall of fame for my characters once they have finished Hell. Until then, I don't think it's worth it, as they will change so much between now and then.

- Brittle, 55 Skelliemancer. GF#2 character.
- Martyr, 1 Paladin. Obsession II Character.

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**Updates [#m0d0e342]

***22nd August 08 [#f7bf531d]
Started this diary. Hope to update it frequenty, but we'll see.
Currently waiting for Obsession II to start while browsing the database. Need a change from my GF#2 character for a bit :)

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