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**Profile [#n41b3c22]
-I'm old D2 user. I've spent many hours playing Zy-El, Warcraft 3 and poker last years. Now when I dont have so much free time, I promised that i will try another mod. Easter Sun is the chosen one now.

**Characters [#h9686014]
-First I read the Classes/skills here on wiki and realised what is different. My first choice then was elemental Boulder/Firestorm druid. Then after I spent like three days by rushing experiences a realised this mod(like Zy-El) needs lots of crafting and ele druid will need lot of items. So i stopped playing my druid and make new sorceress. Inspired by Hall of Glory I will try to make serious swinger. 

***Active characters [#w1f319cd]
Swinger - 28sorc enchant swinger
FireFoko - 75druid ele 
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**Equipment [#d33eb66e]
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