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**My Profile [#i38467bc]
I just started Eastern Sun not too long ago. But I will work until my Sorceress is powerful enough to kill(Crush) Nihlathak on Hell, preferably Players 8 =).

I had been playing Median 2008, but MXL was too difficult and different for me so I quit it. 

Anyway, I can be found on sometimes on Hamachi, the forums and maybe here.

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**My Diary [#i5b49a47]
Sorry, blank for now

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- We hope to see you around at some of our tournaments. -- [[Moonie]] &new{10-17-2008 (Fri) 16:44:31};
- Welcome to Eastern Sun and I hope you will enjoy ES. -- [[Hans]] &new{10-16-2008 (Thu) 18:40:41};

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