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*Monster Drop and Area Guide [#ia1f0c73]
**Monster Drop [#bb15fb77]
***Non-Boss Monsters [#k007db76]

|No Drop(%)|75|66|42|32|24|18|13|10|

-The chance of no drop looks greater than the old value listed in FAQ, but the actual value isn't changed. (Junk and Gold drop contained another no drop chance in themselves in the older version, and FAQ didn't reflected that.)
-Gold drop is 4 times better than the non-boss monster's gold drop in LoD.

***Champions [#a0abb497]
***Unique Monsters [#z3d426bf]
***Super Unique Monsters [#pfaca0f0]
***Ultra Unique Monsters [#n78b67a0]
***Act Bosses [#q5826dd2]
***Organ Drops [#y67b4f9a]

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