Elemental Skills

Cyclone Armor

Arctic Blast

Difference from the LoD version
Much improved damage. Also deals physical damage. Faster missiles. Pierces enemies. Castable in wereform (but the missiles turn invisible).
Chills enemies. Can kill both CI and PI monsters. can hit multiple enemies if enemies are in a line.
The caster must keep casting until the target dies. The blast is long but narrow.
Cold Damage Per Second (ES)9-14+9+19+37+56+56
Physical Damage Per Second (ES)9-14+9+19+37+56+56
Cold Damage Per Second (LoD)8-15+67+8+9+12
Range (yards)5.33+0.66 yards per 2 levels
Missile Size (ES)2
Missile Size (LoD)1
Mana Cost Per Second (ES)8+0.2
Mana Cost Per Second (LoD)4+0.8


Bone Spear

Winter Fury

Molten Boulder

Earth Spike


Acid Rain

Fire Storm

Creeping Doom

Sand Storm

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