• The rollback of Fanatic Swing was changed from 60% to 50% in R2E/R2F, making the followup attacks faster. The information here has not yet been updated to reflect that change. The rollback may be changed back to 60% (as listed here) in the next patch.
  • Fanatic Swing is a modification of Zeal. Zeal has a parameter of 100% Rollback, while Fanatic Swing is given 60% Rollback. That makes the follow-up attacks about 40% faster with Fanatic Swing than they are with Zeal.
  • In essense, both Fanatic Swing and Zeal consist of a normal attack with up to four shortened attack swings sandwitched in the middle between the initial normal attack striking motion, and the final normal attack recovery motion. With Zeal, the benefit is skipping the recovery animation after the attack four times. With Fanatic Swing, those shortened attacks in the middle are sped up by an additional 40%.

Sorceress Zeal Speed

  • This table is the Sorceress Zeal speed quoted from The Amazon Basin Technical Discussion Forum.
  • EIAS is effective IAS the character has.
  • 1st Swing is the frame of the first swing.
  • End Swing is the frame of the last swing.
  • F-U (follow-up) Swing is the frame of each swing between the first and the last.
  • The follow-up swings are slightly slower than the initial swing because of an oddity in the sorceress attack animation: it usually skips the first frame or two of the attack motion, but with zeal's 100% rollback, those frames are included in follow-up attacks. Skipping the sorceress's long, slow post-attack animation still makes Zeal significantly faster than a series of normal attacks.
  • The End Swing is especially slow because it contains the animation to the neutral position (the ending animation).
  • For example, if a Sorceress has no IAS and swings 5 times with oskill Zeal, the whole attack sequence takes 10+12+12+12+19=65 frames.
Sorceress Zeal Speed
with 1H Swing Weapons
EIAS1st SwingF-U SwingEnd Swing

Sorceress Fanatic Swing Speed

  • Fanatic Swing has 60% Rollback, according to the R2D skills.txt
  • Rollback only affects the follow-up swings, the first swing is the same length as with Zeal.
  • The table reads a little different than the one for Zeal, "Recover" is the time after the last attack until the next attack can start. In the Zeal table above, the "End Swing" entry combines the last follow-up attack with the recovery time. The given recovery time in the table is shown assuming 5 swings. If the Fanatic Swing cycle is shorter than 5 attacks, then it may be 1 frame shorter or longer because of rounding differences. Total is the time for a full 5 attack sequence.
  • The notation "x-y" for follow-up attacks means that the first F-U attack takes "x" frames and the others take "y" frames. The notation "x/y" means that the F-U attacks alternate between "x" and "y" frames, starting with "x" frames.
Sorceress Fanatic Swing Speed
with 1H Swing Weapons
EIAS1st SwingF-U SwingRecoverTotal