Features of ES 3.00 R series


  • The original LoD is automatically backed-up and restored.
  • A smart launcher which runs ES on LoD 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11b, and launches 2 instances of ES correctly.
  • A utility (ES 3.00 R preference) to choose Aura Graphics, Automap Setting, Life/Mana Orb Graphics and /nopickup setting.
  • A utility (Gamble Filter) to limit the items on the gamble screen. (SP only)
  • PlugY for the shared stash, skill/stat point reallocation, etc. (PlugY 5.06 is installed because any newer PlugY causes TCP/IP troubles.)
  • D2Mod system MercMod plugin for fully equippable hirelings.
  • D2Mod system GemFix plugin to fix the gem stats descriptions.
  • Cow Level Waypoint Plugin. Jail WP is replaced by Cow Level WP.
  • Increased the maximum character level to 100.
  • Expanded inventory (11x9), stash (10x10) and Horadric Cube (10x8).
  • Doubled the amount of gold in inventory, octupled in stash.
  • Increased the resistance penalty in NM (-60%) and in Hell (-150%).
  • Tweaked the stats, stats increment, run/walk speed, etc. of all classes.
  • Characters start with the Horadric Cube and new starting gears.
  • Some maps of Act 2, Act 3 and Act 5 are altered.
  • Some areas are renewed and filled with strong monsters for über players.
  • Amazon's slow block with 1H swing weapons, Paladins slow recovery with some 2H weapons and Druids slow recovery with some 1H weapons are fixed.
  • Made the animation speed of most weapons closer. Some weapons are still faster and some classes are still better at some weapons, but now there is little difference.


  • 46 new Runes based on Japanese Hiragana.
  • 14 new Runes based on Kanji (Chinese Characters).
  • A new gem type: Obsidian.
  • A new gem grade: Blemished (between Flawless and Perfect).
  • All gems have multiple and much improved stats.
  • All gems are sold at vendors.
  • 640+ new unique items besides all LoD Uniques.
  • 222 new Runewords and 21 Gemwords besides all LoD Runewords.
  • 69 new Item Sets (242 Pieces) including upgradeable mercenary sets.
  • Many new base items with cool graphics and nice stats.
    • Brass Knuckle: 1H Knuckle weapon. Uses the bare handed animation.
    • Battering Arm: 2H Knuckle weapon. Uses the bare handed animation.
    • Great Scepter: Scepter.
    • Precision Bow: Bow for Amazon.
    • Ninja To: 2H Sword for Assassin.
    • Tribal Hatchet: Throwing Axe for Barbarian.
    • Oak Branch: Club for Druid.
    • Ritualistic Dagger: Dagger for Necromancer.
    • Wretched Scythe: Polearm for Necromancer.
    • Soul Hunter: Polearm for Necromancer.
    • Blessed Edge: 1H Sword for Paladin.
    • Mana Blade: 1H Sword for Sorceress.
    • Dwarven Circlet: Helm with Get Gold automods.
    • Spirit Crown: Helm with Amazon automods.
    • Hachigane: Circlet with low level requirement.
      • Tiara is changed to Elite Hachigane.
    • Elven Chain: Body Armor with very good Defense and low level requirement.
    • Spiked Shoulder: Body Armor with ATD automods, good Defense and low level requirement.
    • Cloak: Body Armor with Assassin automods.
    • Robe: Body Armor with Sorceress automods.
    • Fortress Shield: Shield with good defense.
    • Iron Guards: Gloves with good defense.
    • Muscle Wrap: Belt with Strength automods and good defense.
    • Crystal Boots: Boots with FCR automods and good defense.
  • All base items are rebalanced and improved. All elite items are renamed.
    • Spiked Shield: Spawned with ATD automods.
  • Gloves, Belts and Boots can be spawned with 1-2 sockets.
  • Helms can be spawned with 1-4 sockets.
  • Body Armor can be spawned with 1-6 sockets.
  • Rings, Amulets, some Charms and some Quivers can have a socket by the cube recipes.
  • You can pull out the socketed gems/runes/jewels without destroying them by cubing with a key.
  • Many recipes like D-Stoning, Forging, Gem Melding and Tinkering to enhance items in various ways (skill bonus, ED, leech, max hp/mana, aura, etc.).
  • Recipes to reroll various items (ex. 7 magic rings -> a rare ring).
  • Recipes to make Unique Items and Set Items (for normal and exceptional items).
  • Recipes to make sockets on various items (normal/magic/rare/crafted/set/unique).
  • New powerful craft recipes for each class.
  • All LoD craft recipes are also available with doubled fixed mods and a socket.
  • Rune upgrade recipes now require only 2 runes. Added Rune downgrade recipes.
  • Improved magic affixes. Now some affixes have powerful "per level" property.
  • Added many new affixes including powerful auras, oskills and CtC skills.
  • Magic, rare and unique quivers are spawnable.
  • Rare charms are spawnable.
  • A special normal charm with 1-3 sockets is cubable.
  • All Gemwords and some Runewords work for quivers and the special charm.
  • Carrying multiple Unique Charms of the same kind reduces character's life to 1.
  • Equipping any piece of Mercenary Sets reduces character's life to 1.
  • You can remove unwanted RIP and Freeze from an item.
  • You can cube a negative MF charm to find more normal items.
  • The buying price of NPC is halved, but the cap is raised.
Normal Act 1Normal Act 2Normal Act 3Normal Act 4Normal Act 5~
Buying Price Cap1000020000300004000050000

New Items

  • Ancient Scrolls 1-50: Let you use the secret cube recipes.
  • Ancient Decipherers: Cube with an Ancient Scroll to identify.
  • Dragon Stones: Used in cube recipes. Transmutable into other forms cyclically.
  • Ancient Coupons: 3 Coupons make a LoD unique with an extra socket (or +1 All Skill bonus for jewelry), which never drops in ES.
  • Ancient Decals: Transmute an ES rune to a LoD rune, which never drops in ES.
  • Monster's Organs: Used for Tinkering and some other recipes.
  • Gem Can and other Stockers: Saves the storage space mainly for Mac users.
  • Tokenizer: Tokenize any weapons and armor to save the storage space.


  • 30% chance for Rares, 5% chance for Sets and 5% chance for Uniques.
  • Greatly reduced the gamble cost of expensive items (heavy armor, etc.).
  • Greatly increased the chance for Exceptionals and Elites.
  • Larzuk and Anya sell Gambling Chits, which can be cubed to make an item just like gambling. Buying Gambling Chits are sometimes more economical than the real gambling, because of the fixed price and the fixed chance to be upper.

Quest Rewards

  • Hellforge quest drops better runes. Up to r28 (Norm), r35 (NM), r42 (Hell).
  • Qual-Kehk gives a kit of materials for Class Craft for rescuing his men.
  • Anya gives a Unique Stone that can make a Unique Item and many D-Stones for rescuing her.


  • Hirelings can equip gloves, a belt, boots, rings and an amulet.
  • Hirelings use more skills, including BO, Fanaticism and Conviction.
  • All hirelings have good support skills and are almost equally useful.
  • Hirelings level much faster.
  • The status of hirelings isn't affected by the difficulty they are hired.

Monsters (General)

  • Increased all monsters' level, life, defense, damage, AR and experience.
  • Monsters are reallocated and new monsters are added, including Black Knight, Goatman Lord, Beholder, D1 Succubus, King Leoric, Belhifeit and Cyclops.
  • Monsters no longer cast Iron Maiden.
  • Changed some demons and undead into animals.
  • Increased Magic Immune monsters in Hell.
  • FE monster's death explosion damage is generally reduced.
  • Act Bosses aren't spawned with multiple shot, to avoid the heavy graphic lag.
  • Act Bosses, Ancient Barbs and Lister aren't spawned with FE.
  • Diablo Clone can be spawned in single and TCP/IP games.
  • Zakarum Zealots never flee even after you smash the Compelling Orb.

Monsters (Drop)

  • All drops, especially the drop of high runes, are improved.
  • The first kill drop of Act Bosses is much improved.
  • The panther woman nearby the Horadric Cube chest (in Halls of the Dead Level 2) can drop a Forging Hammer. HoD run is a popular way to collect D-Stones. (50% chance in Normal, 75% chance in NM and 100% chance in Hell)
  • The Ancient Barbarians at the Arreat Summit drop a Decipherer. (20% chance in Normal, 40% chance in NM and 60% chance in Hell)
  • Countess drops better runes. Up to r12 (Norm), r27 (NM), r42 (Hell).
  • Izual has a slightly increased chance to drop Ancient Scrolls.
  • Belhifets and Cyclops have a slightly increased chance to drop Runes.
  • Sand Raiders and its family have a slightly increased chance to drop Coupons.
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop all pieces of a set. (Set Jackpot)
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop a bunch of Runes. (Rune Jackpot)
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop a bunch of Coupons. (Coupon Jackpot)
  • Increased the amount of dropped gold and reduced the drop rate.
  • Reduced the chance of annoying junks (pots, quivers, etc.) to drop.
  • Diablo Clone drops a Magic, Rare or Unique Charm, or a Maple Leaf.

Skills (General)

  • Improved and modified most skills. 5 additional skills for each class.
  • Improved skill descriptions. Many hidden skill effects are now displayed.
  • Some utility skills like warcries and teleport are castable in town.

Amazon Skills

  • Inner Sight reduces target's defense and physical resistance by a percentage.
  • Multiple Shot triggers CtC effects more often. (trigger arrows 2 -> 3)
  • Fend attacks much faster.
  • Fend, Fire Strike, Viper Bite, Shadow Strike, Lightning Strike and Dance of Death can be used with any melee weapon.
  • Jab can be used with any thrust weapon.
  • Javelin skills can be used with any throwing weapon.
  • D/A/E also gives some defense bonus.
  • D/A/E works 8 times faster with 2H melee weapons and 2 times faster with 1H weapons.
    [Changed] Fire Arrow -> Poison Arrow (poison damage)
    [Changed] Ice Arrow -> Lightning Arrow (lightning damage)
    [Changed] Power Strike -> Fire Strike (fire damage)
    [Changed] Charged Strike -> Shadow Strike (magic damage)
    [Changed] Impale -> Viper Bite (poison and physical damage)
    [Changed] Poison Javelin -> Pyre Javelin (exploding fire damage)
    [Changed] Lightning Bolt -> Frost Javelin (freezing cold damage)
    [New] Eagle Eye (BoS like skill, slow attack, greatly increased damage and CB)
    [New] Legendary Arrow (piercing Guided Arrow in 1.09 with some penalty)
    [New] Dance of Death (Amazon's Whirlwind, slightly less ED, stun)
    [New] Fire Wall (formerly a Sorceress skill)
    [New] Frost Nova (formerly a Sorceress skill)
  • Whirlwind isn't affected by off-weapon IAS, so Eagle Eye works fine with DoD.

Assassin Skills

  • Cloak of Shadows no longer darkens the screen.
  • Reduced the chance and length of conversion of Mind Blast.
  • Traps are correctly boosted by -X% to enemy resist and +X% to XXX skill damage.
  • [Changed] Claw Mastery -> Melee Mastery (works with any melee weapon)
  • [Changed] Psychic Hammer -> Psychic Slash (increased damage)
  • [Changed] Fire Blast -> Cold Blast (cold damage trap)
  • [Changed] Blade Fury -> Poison Stream (poison damage missile)
  • [Changed] Inferno Sentry -> Steam Sentry (magic damage trap)
  • [New] Shade Armor (Fade like skill, good DR% and def bonus, no resist bonus)
  • [New] Iaigiri (2H Weapons only, uninterruptable attack, finishing move)
  • [New] Shuriken (Strafe like skill, throws Throwing Knives to multiple targets)
  • [New] Teeth (formerly a Necromancer skill)
  • [New] Cold Wave (also known as Baal Cold Missiles)

Barbarian Skills

  • Each melee mastery boosts another weapon mastery as much as itself by synergy, for more flexible dual wielding and weapon swapping.
    • Sword Mastery boosts Axe Mastery.
    • Axe Mastery boosts Mace Mastery.
    • Mace Mastery boosts Sword Mastery. (These 3 cover most dual wielding combos)
    • Pole Arm Mastery boosts Spear Mastery.
    • Spear Mastery boosts Axe Mastery. (for javelin and throwing axe combo)
    • You need to enter a new game for the synergy bonus of masteries to take effect.
  • [Changed] Increase Stamina -> Strength of the Ancients (passive, Str and CB)
  • [Changed] Increase Speed -> Vigor of the Ancients (passive, Vit and FRW)
  • [Changed] Find Potion -> Luck of the Ancients (passive, MF and Gold)
  • [Changed] Find Item -> Find Treasure (improved chance to find magic items)
  • [Changed] Grim Ward -> Magic Throw (throwing version of Magic Arrow)
  • [New] Ancients' Call (warcry, reduces enemy's resistance)
  • [New] Phantom Hatchets (throwing version of Multiple Shot)
  • [New] Berserk Fury (magic damage version of Lightning Fury)
  • [New] Nova (formerly a Sorceress skill)
  • [New] Thunder Storm (formerly a Sorceress skill)

Druid Skills

  • The caps of summoned minions can be increased by the synergies.
  • Elemental skills, especially Arctic Blast and Molten Boulder are much improved.
  • Arctic Blast also deals physical damage. Shock Wave also deals magic damage.
  • Volcano, Molten Boulder, Fire Storm and Arctic Blast are castable in wereform.
  • Warcries, Assassin Auras, armor spells, Teleport, Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Summons and other utility spells of other classes are castable in wereform.
  • Werewolf and Elemental Form give bonuses to one another.
  • [Changed] Werebear -> Elemental Form (graphics change, Fire Elemental)
  • [Changed] Summon Grizzly -> Summon Water Elemental (graphics change)
  • [Changed] Lycanthropy -> Shape Shifting Mastery (name change)
  • [Changed] Twister -> Creeping Doom (magic damage, stun, many missiles)
  • [Changed] Fissure -> Earth Spike (magic damage, slow)
  • [Changed] Armageddon -> Acid Rain (poison and magic damage)
  • [New] Iron Claws (wereform skill, ignores and damages target's defense)
  • [New] Sand Storm (Nova like wind skill)
  • [New] Cow Balloon (spammable rubber moo moo decoy, attacker takes damage)
  • [New] Charged Claws (Charged Strike for shape shifters)
  • [New] Bone Spear (formerly a Necromancer skill)

Necromancer Skills

  • Weaken, Iron Maiden and Decrepify reduce enemy physical resistance by 60%.
  • Amplify Damage reduces enemy physical resistance by 90%.
  • Lower Resist only reduces enemy's Fire, Cold, and Lightning resistance by itself, but reduces enemy's Poison and Magic resistance by synergy.
  • Added physical damage to Poison Explosion and Poison Nova.
  • One of each golem type can be summoned at once.
  • [Changed] Iron Golem -> Bone Golem (graphics change)
  • [Changed] Raise Skeletal Mage -> Raise Vampire (casts improved spells)
  • [Changed] Poison Dagger -> Poison Slash (can be used with any melee weapon)
  • [Changed] Bone Spear -> Frozen Spear (cold damage)
  • [Changed] Teeth -> Bone Wave (launches a bone wall, magic damage, knockback)
  • [New] Pierce Flesh & Bone (curse, reduces enemy's poison and magic resistance)
  • [New] Killer Scythe (pole arm version Fend)
  • [New] Hell's Gate (Nova like skill, magic damage)
  • [New] Blade Fury (formerly an Assassin skill)
  • [New] Hydra (formerly a Sorceress skill)

Paladin Skills

  • Vigor also increases the maximum life of the party.
  • Prayer gives life regeneration synergy to Cleansing, just like to Meditation.
  • Thorns also grants Open Wounds and Prevent Monster Heal to the party.
  • Conversion also deals Poison Damage over the conversion length.
  • Holy Auras' elemental melee damage is boosted only once by Elemental Mastery.
  • Smite also deals Magic Damage.
  • [Changed] Sanctuary -> Protection From Evil (knockback vs. undead/demons bonus)
  • [Changed] Blessed Aim -> Annihilation (crushing blow, IAS, PMH)
  • [Changed] Resist Fire -> Prot. From Fire (fire absorb, max fire res, DR%)
  • [Changed] Resist Cold -> Prot. From Cold (cold absorb, max cold res, DR%, CNB)
  • [Changed] Resist Ltng -> Prot. From Ltng (ltng absorb, max ltng res, DR%)
  • [New] Aura of Divinity (skill bonus, exp bonus)
  • [New] Arrow of Confession (bow skill, RIP, magic damage)
  • [New] Sacred Piercer (bow skill, pierce vs. undead/demons bonus)
  • [New] Holy Ward (formerly a Barbarian skill, Grim Ward)
  • [New] Summon Anointed Bear (formerly a Druid skill, Summon Grizzly)

Sorceress Skills

  • Cold Mastery increases the cold damage instead of reducing enemy's resistance.
  • Oskill F/C/L Mastery grants 5% initial damage bonus, but any actual point in these masteries grants 75% initial damage. Both increase by 5% per level.
  • [Changed] Fire Wall -> Flame Wave (moving fire wall)
  • [Changed] Shiver Armor -> Fire Shield (fire damage, higher def bonus)
  • [Changed] Nova -> Immolation (fire damage)
  • [Changed] Thunder Storm -> Meteor Shower (fire damage)
  • [Changed] Hydra -> Lightning Hydra (lightning damage)
  • [Changed] Warmth -> Soul Shiver (name change, moved to cold tree)
  • [Changed] Frost Nova -> Ice Nova (improved cold damage)
  • [New] Time Stop (freezes all non-boss monsters in the screen)
  • [New] Fanatic Swing (Zeal like skill, less damage, faster swing)
  • [New] Aerial Guard (BoS like skill, fast block, fast recovery, slow cast rate)
  • [New] Twister (formerly a Druid skill)
  • [New] Fissure (formerly a Druid skill)

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