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[[What are ways for a freelancer to grow their network?]]

On-demand is created its own space in the current digitalized world. In future freelancers shall occupy the major portion of the world economy. As we step into the freelance world, we start building connections with professionals to get more exposure to the profiles. When you work as a freelancer, building a strong network is an important task. Instead of networking through your co-workers, you need to do this outreach entirely manually and follow these tips:

1. Networking is crucial for consist of work as a freelancer. Keep building connections from your existing freelance platform. Face to face interactions may also help to improve the trust of your profile. Supporting and encouraging one another is important to build a healthy network environment.

2. Always its advisory to share best practices (https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/best-practices-for-working-remotely) in any field, even if you are a student or an employee, intern, etc… based on the situation, one should be able to work in a team and as an individual. Sharing our best practices enables others to learn interesting things.

3. Start Online - Build a brand of your own. Showcase your top/best works. Or any compliments / positive testimonials you received. It improves the quality of your works.

4. Telling your success story in an interesting manner makes your profile more genuine. A well-told, authentic story can make you more trustworthy and encourage others to collaborate with you.

5. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you should start building a professional-looking work profile and an active social media presence for eg. LinkedIn? (https://www.linkedin.com/company/fieldengineer) that showcases your talents and skills. Social networking presence helps you to get recommendations from friends & family.

6. Keep in touch with your past clients. There is a chance that they might come up with a new job offer or they can recommend you when their circle needs your kind of services.

7. Assist your old clients if they have any doubts about the given works. Keeping track or helping them makes them trust you more. To make sure clients have a great experience using your service so they not only choose you again but ideally, spread the word through referrals or social media.

8. Attend Events, Workshops, and Conferences in Your Industry. Keep checking if there are any local events related to your profession. Attending events/seminar gets you a few new contacts. Attend some trade shows/workshops that will teach you how to network. Participating in online contests will also fetch some recognition.

9. Keep checking your near and dear profiles. Update your profile accordingly. If any point you missed to mention you might get from doing it.

10. Give the client proper professional contact information. Never miss any incoming message/call. Even if you can't provide the asked service, you need to answer obediently.

11. Share your freelance profile wherever possible including your contact details. For eg. In your personal email signature. So that the companies/clients can contact you easily.

Safety tip: Don't allow anyone else to use your account and don't ever log in to one of your clients' accounts on their behalf. Instead, you can ask them to provide access to give admin access rather than directly accessing their account.

They are a lot of opportunities emerging for freelancers in various sectors, if you are keen on banking opportunities in the telecom industry, field engineers can help you out in finding the right freelancing opportunities. Talented on-demand telecom engineers should complete engineer sign up to bang on the right opportunities.

Sign up link: https://www.fieldengineer.com/signup

Demo Video for engineer’s Sign Up https://vimeo.com/292143684

Resource: http://suna.main.jp/futsalwiki/index.php?FreelancerNetwork

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