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*Glossary [#c712d5ef]
**A [#u790e550]
***AD [#ycbce89b]
-Amplify Damage
-[[Ancient Decipherer:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Glossary#qef25108]]

***Ancient Decipherer [#qef25108]
A cubing material to decipher (identify) an [[Ancient Scroll:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Glossary#z88b1356]]. Also called Decipherer or AD. 8 Ancient Decipherers makes a Dragon Stone. (Say a dime if a Dragon Stone is a dollar.) Ancient Decipherers are also often used in cheap cube recipes.

***Ancient Scroll [#z88b1356]
A cubing Material used for Secret Recipes. There exist 50 Secret Recipes and 50 Ancient Scrolls, and each recipe requires corresponding scroll. Ancient Scrolls need to be deciphererd before using. (See [[Ancient Decipherer:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Glossary#qef25108]].)
You need to cube the scroll, but it's refunded after cubing, so you need only one scroll of each number. You can reroll a new scroll from the redundant scrolls. You can also save the redundant ones for trading or convert them into a Dragon Stone.
***Anvil Stone &aname(anvil_stone); [#ae07b3cf]
Anvil Stones are cubing materials used for Forging. They are made from "4 Dragon Stones + 1 Perfect Gem", and never dropped by monsters.

***Aura Stone &aname(aura_stone); [#y5bc1d3a]
Aura Stones are cubing materials used for Aura Forging. Aura Forging adds an aura to an amulet. There exist 7 kinds of Aura Stones, which are made from the highest Unique Class Amulets of 7 classes.

***Automod &aname(automod); [#ie2c8518]
Automods are the new feature added in D2 Expansion. Similar to [[staffmods>Glossary#staffmod]], but adds other properties than individual skill bonus. The all resist bonus on Paladin shields and the bow skilltab bonus on Amazon bows are the automods, for example. Unique items and set items can't have automods.

**C [#q53a1aa6]
***Cast Delay &aname(cast_delay); [#ae65a1bb]
Some spells can't be cast for a specific period after you cast that spell. This is a restriction to prohibit spamming that spell, mainly to avoid the graphic lag. Also known as Casting Deley, Cast Timer, Spell Timer, etc. See also [[Next Delay>Glossary#procing_spell]].

Some times it seems you can cast these skills without delay, two meteors in a row, for example. But one of them is a fake which is displayed only at the client side, and has no actual effect.

In ES, Cast Delays are generally eased. But when you play multiplayer games, please keep it in mind that these skills may cause a heavy lag for other players.

***Charged Skills [#v5c981ef]
-Charged Skills are handy in ES, because the repair cost is very cheap and they generally have more charges than LoD ones.
-How can I boost Charged Skills?
--Any kinds of skill bonuses DON'T increase the skill level.
--The hard points in your skills synergize the charged skill.
--'''Elemental Masteries''' and '''+X% To Elemental Skill Damage''' mods increase the Charged Skill's damage.
-See also [[Marrowwalk Bug>Glossary#h8c78068]].

***Crystal &aname(crystal); [#bcf55c71]
Crystals are new items that are used to cube Uber Organs and Kanji Runes. They are found in Ores which serve as a container for them. Crystals are extracted by cubing the ore with itself. More information [[here:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Playing%20Tips#re2a1259]].

***Crystal Can &aname(crystal_can); [#xe38bbe8]
The Crystal Can is one of the stockers, which can be purchased from Gheed. It stores crystals and keeps them organized. Crystals are stored as a number of points and may be extracted in chipped quality (1 point) and normal quality (100 points) by using the Can Opener (also available from Gheed). More information [[here:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Playing%20Tips#re2a1259]].

***CtC Spell &aname(ctc_spell); [#b76b59de]
See [[Procing Spell>Glossary#procing_spell]].

**D [#de35e5ab]
***D-Stone &aname(d-stone); [#x13d8f1c]
-abbreviation for [[Dragon Stone>Glossary#dragon_stone]]
-for the verb, see [[D-Stoning>Glossary#d-stoning]]

***D-Stoning &aname(d-stoning); [#q3da9910]
D-Stoning is enhancing an item through the use of [[Dragon Stones>Glossary#dragon_stone]] and other cubing materials. D-stoning recipies add beneficial modifiers to the item, and also adds +2-4 (2 for weapons, 3 for body armor/helms/shields, 4 for other gears) to the item's level requirement. [[D-stoning recipies:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#dst]] can be found at the ES Database.

***Devil's Food &aname(devils_food); [#zcbe0202]

Devil's Foods are the trigger item to cause the [[World Event>Glossary#world_event]] in ES. In LoD, the trigger item is Stones of Jordan, and in the older versions of ES, The One Rings. Devil's Foods can be made of any Unique Rings and Amulets via Rerolling Orb, and much cheaper than these rarest Unique Rings. ([[Diablo Clone>Glossary#diablo_clone]] is toned down in ES, both in life and drop, so a cheaper trigger item is used.)
Selling an SOJ or One Ring doesn't always trigger the World Event, but selling a Devil's Food always does. (The World Event doesn't occur in Mac version.)

-You can make a Devil's Food from 5 Devil's Food points stored in Rerollng Orb.
--Level 10 Unique Ring/Amulet: 1 Devil's Food point
--Level 20 Unique Ring/Amulet: 2 Devil's Food points
--Level 30 Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
--Level 40 Unique Ring/Amulet: 4 Devil's Food points
--Level 50 Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
--Level 60 Unique Ring/Amulet: 6 Devil's Food points
--Level 75 Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points
--Level 45 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
--Level 60 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
--Level 75 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points

***Diablo Clone &aname(diablo_clone); [#d810a668]
Diablo Clone (AKA Uber Diablo) is the special monster spawned in the [[World Event>Glossary#world_event]]. He looks like green colored Diablo and uses the same attacks and spells, but is much stronger.
Diablo Clone's life is fairly reduced in ES, though, which is because his huge life can cause rollover in high players setting and results one-hit kill.
He always drops an Annihilus Unique Charm in LoD. In ES, he has 10% chance to drop a random Unique Charm, 30% chance to drop a rare charm and 60% chance to drop a magic charm. (The size of the charm is random.) 

***Diminishing Return &aname(diminishing_return); [#y1eda083]
It generally means the output per input which decreases as the input increases.
For example, the resist bonus of Natural Resistance is a typical diminishing return. It increases by 9% when the slvl increases from 1 to 2, but increases by 7% when the slvl increases from 2 to 3. And in higher slvls, it needs several slvls to attain the next value.
In Diablo II, following formula is used to determine a diminishing return value from the skill level, min and max (internal values).

 ((110*level) * (max-min))/(100 * (level+6)) + min

-The value at slvl 1 is always slightly higher than the "min".
-The value reaches "max" at slvl 60.

In the skill pages of this Wiki, the important diminishing return values are fully listed. (Even 1% skill IAS of Fanaticism and Annihilation can affect the IAS breakpoint, for example.)
The less important diminishing return values are listed like "diminishing return (10-100)", which means it starts at slightly more than 10, and is capped at 100 at slvl 60.

***Dragon Stone &aname(dragon_stone); [#u498a5cd]
Dragon Stones are cubing materials dropped by monsters in every area of the game. They are used for a large number of cube recipies, and are also used for [[d-stoning>Glossary#d-stoning]] existing items. 
Dragon Stones have seven differnt forms, each of which is mildly associated with a specific class and gem type: Dragon Stone (Assassin/Ruby), Holy Symbol (Paladin/Diamond), Blackmoor (Necromancer/Skull), Forging Hammer (Barbarian/Amethyst), Crushed Gem (Sorceress/Sapphire), Spider's Silk (Amazon/Emerald), and Tyranium Ore (Druid/Topaz).
Any form of Dragon Stone can be transformed into the others via right-click.

***DualMax Weapon &aname(dualmax); [#n9c91b3a]
A DualMax weapon is a rare weapon with both Screaming ((3/clvl) +3-300% Enhanced Max Damage)and Fool's ((2.5/clvl) +2-250 To Max Damage) mods. Unlike straight Enhanced Damage %, these properties cannot be dstoned, hence items that have both mods are considered very valuable. The word 'DualMax' was coined by Goeido, and he is the rightful copyright owner. :)

**E [#v4d11bc7]

***EIAS &aname(eias); [#pbf82700]
EIAS is an abbreviation for 'effective increased attack speed'. IAS granted by items is subject to diminishing returns, and is converted into EIAS in the game using a diminshing return formula. Skill-based IAS and [[weapon speed modifiers>Glossary#wsm]] are not subject to dimishing returns, which can make it possible to reach attack speeds unatainable with item IAS. 

Using the following table, you can find out how much effective IAS you gain from items. If you then subtract the [[WSM>Glossary#wsm]] and add the amount of IAS gained from skills, you will have your total effective IAS, which can be compared with an EIAS breakpoints table for the skill you are using to tell you your effective attack speed.
|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|EIAS/IAS Conversion Table|h
|   1|   2| |  31|  42| |  61| 125| |  91| 377|
|   2