*Connie - Assassin [#e5b4ce47]


**Character Intro and Overview [#fa250304]

I did a major re-do of my main strafer.  I decided to ditch my second Zon which was pure GF strafer with 3k to gold find - just not enough power to do hell cows and the Domain. Thus, I needed a replacement gold finder and decided to just re-work Bambi.

When you have a bunch of characters as I do, you generally play what you enjoy.  Having a powerful strafer is very relaxing, not too much stress.  This is pretty much the ideal farming character IMHO - safe and easy. I'd say that this character has pretty much farmed everything for all my other characters (except for what they accumulated during leveling).

I decided to keep my old character Bambi up in a separate hall of glory as a good template for a cheap strafer.
**Stats and Attributes [#v1047150]

Summary of major changes from Bambi.

#1 Damage went from (6.4k-43k) to (17k-79).  Better bow, Eagle Eye, Fanat, more strafe synergies since I went back to 1 Valk.  AR went from 23k to 35k.  So, basically a way better killer - about double damage at the end of the day.

#2 Emphasing GF over MF.  Gold Find went from 815% to 1630%.  Magic find decreased from 649% to 243%.  Still lots of rares and uniques because of diminishing returns on MF.

#3 I replicated the 3kish life and max resists and max deadly strike and crushing blow.

**Skills [#k4926ca8]

All Dex build as are most strafers. 1 point in all the passives I use except for Valk which I maxed (level 68 in case you wondered). Pierce large charm to save a skill point.

All other points went into Strafe and synergies.

Eagle Eye was offset by the level 34 fanat and level 12 Annil.

**Equipment [#ebf5d239]

I Forged all equipment and unique charms +1 to raise the Fanat 0-skill which is at level 34.  I D-stoned Dex into the helm - mainly just to keep the total # of items the same (to avoid the bug).  I added +gold find to the rings and amulets and +resists and life where I could on the Armor, belt, boots.  I obsidian melded the gloves for +%dam and crit strike.

My bow isn't duel max, but it spawned with what I consider the most important stat, the +300% (on level 100) exhanced max damage.  It had 300ish ED on it innately and a few other items. Since I didn't feel the need to spend a lot of resources on the bow it was plenty fine for my uses.  The picture shows the bow socketed and d-stoned with +%damage but un-mapled. I did not go with my best %ED jewels, I threw in a couple I had laying around that had the combination of some AR%, 30%+ ED, minimum damage.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#rc623057]

Same as Bambi except I replaced the Defiance aura with Concentration.  With the 50% slow on the main character's gloves the Merc was hardy enough to survive all but the last few champions in the Realm (where it was 50/50 depending on how I played).
**Comments [#d61c8078]
- I have a dual max bow forged with damage, I'd say they're comparable since dual maxes dont necessarily spawn with ED%, and it seems neither of us have the resources to cap 900% ed anyways -- [[howlinghobo]] &new{10-25-2011 (Tue) 09:55:17};
- You do know that Burst of Speed overwrites Eagle eye I hope, and you should look for a dual max bow. I use a dual max bow, tassel set (belt to gloves) with goldark belt, Ra forged lvl 60 dex jewels of the wererat, hit 17-82k dmg and 2.5k gold find -- [[DKing]] &new{03-26-2011 (Sat) 19:29:56};
- that's one heck of a bow.. did you all-out use forging hammers on that? I'm thinking of moving off the noir's set myself, but that's a diff character entirely.. -- [[psycho2]] &new{08-09-2010 (Mon) 14:02:42};
- Recommend trying out wearing 3x pair of Suffoctions of Indifference? Overall not bad but you should be pushing 100k+ with Eagle Eye + Fanta. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{08-08-2010 (Sun) 19:53:03};

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