BeeBee - Maxed Strafe Amazon

Character Intro and Overview

I only made this Amazon to see how much damage i can reach. BeeBee is a mainly Strafe Amazon. She uses Eagle Eye and Might Aura. You need this combo to get the highest damage output. A lot of people say that u should make Fanaticism/Eagle Eye cause of the IAS decrease. Its easy to get max IAS with a bit d-stoning and a good merc.
Here i calculated my needed IAS with the ES Attack Speed Calculator:


WSM: Grand Matron Bow has +10 WSM

Fanaticism: Merc has ~ LVL 40 Fanaticism Aura

Annihilation: Merc uses Unique Armor Atlastrust (LVL8) and Mercs Amulet is forged with Green Aura Stone (LVL4) = LVL 12 Annihilation Aura when equipped.

Eagle Eye: Skill LVL 73

Result = I need 152% Increased Attack Speed to get MAX IAS. As u can see in the screens below I got 195%. Thats far enough.


Stats and Attributes

All of my points went into Dex.




Eagle Eye 20
Strafe 20
Multiple Shot 30
Legendary Arrow 20
Guided Arrow Rest
Passive and Magic skills about 5 points



The Bow! This Bow had 790 Max Damage from the beginning. It hasnt got a Perfect DualMax but who cares on +50% enhanced maximum damage. I spent about 45 Marple Leafs to reach the top of 900% enhanced damage. I made a HE-Rune Forge and put also 3 HE runes in it. I was mega lucky that it got 3 sockets. First Blank Bow and then the GG-One.


Arrows = Mighty - Amplify on striking.

This is a whole Might-gear! Boots,Belt,Gloves,Rings and Amulet. All with +14-+16 to Might.
I didnt have very much luck with +16 to Might stuff. So I took the +14 things. I reached LVL 100 anyway.



I like this helmet cause of Inner Sight on Striking and all the other little things for this Char. Eternal Reign, nothing to say.




I use alot of Square charms. All with a LVL 60 Dex Jewel and Passive and Magic Skills forge in it. Veterans with 3 LVL 60 Dex Jewels.


Merc and Merc Equipment

Act 2 Hell Offensive Merc

Equipment is socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewels.

Atlastrust Unique Armor
Harlequin Crest LoD Helmet
Seraph's Hymn LoD Amulet with Green Aura Stone Forge
Pride Runeword Weapon - Lvl 20 Concentration Aura
Hermes Gift Unique Boots
Magic CTC Shock Armor when Struck Gloves
Rare Belt with Resists and to Max Resists


  • Well. thanks. i rerolled 3 rare gloves yes. they are not the best but the aura is lvl100. that was my final target. But for farming i prefer Amazons like Dkings Math. -- cpt_chaos? 06-17-2011 (Fri) 10:21:59
  • 'bout time we saw a decent bowzon build on the Halls. Good job mate - Looks solid. -- Daishi_GD? 06-14-2011 (Tue) 06:55:47
  • Did you get all the might gear just by gambling/rolling for it? -- Undead_Shadow? 06-13-2011 (Mon) 14:54:14
  • Eternal reign is a standard armor. I took it because its not bad and my merc also get +2 to all skills. I have Sayajin on weapon switch dstoned with 100% faster cast rate. But i dont use it very often. I must be honest, with that damage u rarely see Metalspark or Fatalstorm, because the damage with amplify and Inner sight is really extreme. I mostly use Multiple Shot in the Domain. I dont know what difficulty u play. I normally play players 5-8. The Damage is enough to stand back and shoot. Multiple shot has a really far range. It depends a lot on the playing style. I always be in a good distance, 2 hits and all nonbosses die like lvl 1 chars. Back to the Armor - I thought maybe i can take a super rare Magic Ceremonial Armor with 6 sockets and Heart of Wolverine. I can put 6 LVL 60 dexjewels with Passive/Magic forge in it. This would be much better i know. But its nearly impossible to get this at the shop. I ran about 10h up till now :/ -- cpt_chaos? 06-08-2011 (Wed) 06:25:48
  • This is a bit a matter of taste I guess but you also lack any source of Teleport which I find being truly a necessarity for smooth gameplay. Teleport also is one reason why I want to keep 2 Valkyries up as the second one gives a nice amount of extra protection while you're blindteleing around. Also do you use any special equipment for the Domain as 75 resists are a bit little for the Metalspark or the fireboss which name I've forgotten? Even with that damage I'd imagine 2k health globe running out pretty fast with them. -- blackduck? 06-08-2011 (Wed) 00:26:06
  • Nice job. 84k average damage is very impressive. There is one improvement though. Eternal Reign is nothing marvellous after you are not levelling her up anymore as it only gives a lot of defense, resists and +4 all skills - nothing you really want for this kind of powerhouse. -- blackduck? 06-08-2011 (Wed) 00:20:54

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