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*Boltress - Charged Bolt Sorceress [#g9fefe12]


**Character Intro and Overview [#v2d3dfa5]
 Honorable Mention

Boltress was an ES revamp of the classic Charged Bolt Sorceress that seemed to rock the fields in the days of 1.09 and the cow fields of 1.10 with a few tweaks. My inspiration came from the crafting of Kilashandra Ree's Black Crystal via AS #6. It took me 10 attempts to get this-- now that's a LOT of d-stones!

**Stats and Attributes [#va4402c5]
 Strength: 213
 Dexterity: 115
 Vitality: 336
 Energy: 191

Base Stats
 Strength: 125
 Dexterity: 40
 Vitality: 296
 Energy: 74

 Life: 2903 Mana: 1410

**Skills [#nedf24b6]
-Maxed Charged Bolt
-Maxed Lightning
-1 point in Lightning Mastery
-1 point in Fire Mastery
-1 point in Cold Mastery
-1 point Soul Shiver
-Maxed Ice Bolt (my secondary)
-Rest into Charged Bolt's synergies (Worked on Lit Inferno)

OSkill Conviction on ArchDimeron helm
OSkill Lower Resist on Kilashandra Ree's and Baal's Eye

**Equipment [#o21c95c4]
 Helm: ArchDimeron Grand Crown (Pdiamond Pskull Pobs Pobs), d-stoned +life and +% life
 Gloves: Runefusion, forged +1 all skills, ruby-melded for Life Per Kill, socketed with 
perfect ruby.
 Boots: Flickerheel, forged +1 all skills, D-Stoned Life and socketed Jindujun with 
 Belt: Rumor of Pain, forged 16% Max Life, socketed with Seschronya's spark, forged +1
sorc skills.
 Ring1: Socketed +1 Skills, +2 Sorc ring, forged +16% life, socketed with Seschronya's spark, forged +1 sorc skills.
 Ring2: Socketed Kilashandra Ree's Black Crystal, +7 Lower Resist, forged +16% life, socketed with Nexus Star, forged +1 sorc skills.
 Amulet: Roaring Thunder, forged +1 all skills.
 Armor: "Insight" (Mi Nu Ku Chi Ka Ra) Dragon Scale
 Weapon: Baal's Eye, +8 Lower Resist, 30% Resists; forged +1 All Skills, socketed with Ideal Craft, forged +16% life.
 Shield: "Dome" (Ma Ru Ya Ne) Thorned Shield, 2x d-stone resists.

Lothar's Will, Yello Jello, Perfect Cell forged +1 Sorc Skills. "Spirit" (Ko Ko Ro) vet's charm (+1 skills). 3 Lightning skillers.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#t85d3d4e]
Mercenary is an Act 5 Offensive mercenary loaded with IAS and life leech. I Chi-forged Sarevok's armor, Ni-forged and socketed the helm, and gave life leech items on the weapon. (He could use better I know!) Veneration equip sans helmet. ring of vengeance +8% leech. Beads of the Guardian.

**Last Words [#l08e1126]
Rest in peace Boltress, we almost did it. Maybe it was because of my ill-use of Teleport trying to escape dying. She died FIVE TIMES in the Throne of Destruction! Otherwise, if I had a good roll, I could've done a clean regular sweep with Boltress. My next idea is to try the same equipment setup but on a Cold sorceress with Fire backup. Wish me luck!

**Comments [#e53f1c06]

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