BurningSorc - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

Since I started to play Eastern Sun - actually since I played Diablo I Hellfire - I like the Immolation skill. I like fire in general and blasting the whole screen away with a whole bunch of fire balls is one of the most fun things to do in computer gaming for me.

Even though the skill itself is very strong and in the right hands a really really deadly weapon this character is not easy to start with. And even if it has reached a high equipment standard it's still challenging and fun to play, mostly because of the fast gameplay. I play at 7 frames per cast and use 5 main skills, sometimes all of them withing 3 seconds - several times.

This sorceress relies on the damage of Immolation mostly supported by level nine Conviction from my Merc and Lower Resist from Killashandra Ree's Black Crystal. In addition I use Time Stop to deal with fire immunes and reduce the damage that I take in general and Stiatic Field to bring down monsters with high hitpoints faster. Teleport has the rank of a primary skill because it's used a lot with this build. I use it to reposition and to get as close as possible to monsters by casting it directly on them. That makes it possible not only to dodge a huge amount of ranged damage but also to deal much more damage to single targets.

Stats and Attributes

I spent 3 points to vitality and 2 points to energy every time I had a level up or turned in Lam Esen's Tome.

The following values are from the 24th of January 2009 after a minor equip change that finally took my block rate up to 75% and the faster block rate to 27%.

Base Stats:
Str: 25
Dex: 30
Vit: 300
Ene: 220

Stats with items:
Str: 197
Dex: 248
Vit: 379
Ene: 357

Life: 8510
Mana: 4573


Immolation: max (20)
Fire Bolt: max (30)
Fire Ball: max (25)
Meteor: max (25)
Blaze: 5
Fissure: 3
Flame Wave 1
Fire Mastery: 1
Fire Armor: 1

Charged Bolt: 1
Lightning Mastery: 1
Teleport: 1
Telekinesis: 1
Static Field: 1
Energy Shield: 1
Time Stop: 1

Soul Shiver: 1

I know I could have tried to get some of the support skills from charms or Killashandra's. But at the time I started the character I didn't have the ressources to do the rerolls required to have a realistic chance on any of those skills.


Merc and Merc Equipment


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