BurningSorc - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

Since I started to play Eastern Sun - actually since I played Diablo I Hellfire - I like the Immolation skill. I like fire in general and blasting the whole screen away with a whole bunch of fire balls is one of the most fun things to do in computer gaming for me.

Even though the skill itself is very strong and in the right hands a really really deadly weapon this character is not easy to start with. And even if it has reached a high equipment standard it's still challenging and fun to play, mostly because of the fast gameplay. I play at 7 frames per cast and use 5 main skills, sometimes all of them withing 3 seconds - several times.

This sorceress relies on the damage of Immolation mostly supported by level nine Conviction from my Merc and Lower Resist from Killashandra Ree's Black Crystal. In addition I use Time Stop to deal with fire immunes and reduce the damage that I take in general and Static Field to bring down monsters with high hitpoints faster. Teleport has the rank of a primary skill because it's used a lot with this build. I use it to reposition and to get as close as possible to monsters by casting it directly on them. That makes it possible not only to dodge a huge amount of ranged damage but also to deal much more damage to single targets.


Short term goals:

  • Tinker life to the cap on boots and armor
  • Resocket ER to 240%
  • reroll all Salamander Stones to -5% enemy fire resistance
  • max all resistances again

Long term goals:

  • Tinker all items with life to the cap
  • find the missing level 80 unique charms
  • increase the fire skill damage percentage on the weapon
  • find better jewels (all skill jewels)

Stats and Attributes

I spent 3 points to vitality and 2 points to energy every time I had a level up or turned in Lam Esen's Tome.

The following values are from the 24th of January 2009 after a minor equip change that finally took my block rate up to 75% and the faster block rate to 27%.

Base Stats:
Str: 25
Dex: 30
Vit: 300
Ene: 220

Stats with items:
Str: 197
Dex: 248
Vit: 379
Ene: 357

Life: about 8.3k
Mana: about 4.9k
These rough values are because the life tends to vary a bit over time depending on the level of Battle Command tha is active on me and my Oak Sage.

Damage Reduce: 138%
This makes me practically immune to Amplify Damage and all other sources of reduced physical resistance.
Faster Hit Recovery: 88%
Chance to Block: 75%
Faster Block Rate: 27%
Faster Cast Rate: 224%

Immolation Damage: 13.2k


Immolation: max (20)
Fire Bolt: max (30)
Fire Ball: max (25)
Meteor: max (25)
Blaze: 5
Fissure: 3
Flame Wave 1
Fire Mastery: 1
Fire Armor: 1

Charged Bolt: 1
Lightning Mastery: 1
Teleport: 1
Telekinesis: 1
Static Field: 1
Energy Shield: 1
Time Stop: 1

Soul Shiver: 1

I know I could have tried to get some of the support skills from charms or Killashandra's. But at the time I started the character I didn't have the ressources to do the rerolls required to have a realistic chance on any of those skills.


This is my Armor. It is an ethereal Ceremonial Armor with a base defense of 1167. I have gem melded it with amethysts nine times to reach the 27% fbr break point. That also added 18% block chance and 180 defense. This was necessary to reach 75% block with the shield of pain.
My helm is a Diadem with +3 Fire Skills (Sorceress only) and +5 to oak sage. The jewels are Jindujun (Sorc skill forged), Salamander Stone (Sorc skill forged) and a level 60 dex jewel, forged with fire skills. The helm is forged with +1 to all skill levels and d-stoned with 30% faster cast rate and tinkered to the cap with 28 life.
My weapon is this beautiful wand, it has an all skill forging and is d-stoned with 48% fire skill damage. I used scroll 50 7 times on it so far. The jewel is has -3% enemy fire resistance and 15% faster hit recovery, which took me right up to 88% faster hit recovery.
My shield is more or less only there to protect me. I use it for blocking and a huge life boost. The shield alone increases my life by about 900. It is all skill forged, the jewel has 63 life and damage reduced by 11 - a lucky roll when I tried to get a decent jewel with a level requirement of 38 or lower - and is fire skill forged. I d-stoned 60% life and 64 to life. I tinkered 21 life, cap is reached.
My gloves used to be a good rumour of pain, but I experimentally switched them for Iron Fist. I liked the 15 to life after each kill [x2] and the 14% damage reduce. The +1 to all skills on them comes in handy too. They also have 20% faster cast rate. I used to have 204% faster cast rate, now it is 224%. The reason is that the rumour of pain had no faster cast rate and I had to d-stone it. I forged them with +1 to all skills and the jewel is a lvl 60 dex jewel forged with +1 to fire skills. There is no d-stoning on it yet, since I equipped them a few days a go and haven't decided yet.
My belt is a rumour of pain, rerolled to -15% enemy fire resistance. I really like it because it also has -14% enemy lightning resistance and supports my backup skill really good. The jewel is a lvl 45 str jewel, forged with fire skills. The belt is forged with +1 to all skills. There is no d-stoning or tinkering on it yet.
My boots are a rumour of pain also. I rerolled them to -15% enemy fire resistance. It's forged with +1 to all skills and d-stone with 160 life. I'm busy with tinkering it now, the cap is not reached yet. The jewel is a Salamander Stone forged with +1 to sorc skills.
The first ring is a Killashandra Ree's Black Crystal. I forged it with +1 to all skills. The random skills are not bad and I wasn't motivated to roll better ones yet. Three perfect gems each time is costly. The jewel is a Salamander Stone forged with sorc skills. There is no d-stoning yet.
The second ring is a zodiac band. I like this ring and all of my good characters are wearing one. I haven't found any better ring yet. The stats on it are not as important for me anymore as they used to be but still handy. 36 vitality mean 72 life which is multiplied with all life% from Bo, Oak and equip. The jewel is a level 45 strenght jewel with fire skills on it. No d-stoning so far.
Spellcasters Aide is my amulet of choice mainly for its huge faster cast rate. The life and mana bonus is nice but not affected by percentual bonus and not very effective for that reason. The forging is +1 to all skills, the jewel has 6% fire skill damage (very rare!) and forged with fire skills. I d-stoned 40% faster cast rate on it to reach 100%. For some reason I find that number appealing ad good looking. The 15% damage reduce is a good thing on my way to 130%

Merc and Merc Equipment

My merc is an act V offensive barb. His main purpose is to provide a conviction aura and sometimes Ancient's Call for really high immunities. If I find bosses with fire immunity that can't be broken with Conviction and Lower Resist it has turned out to be faster if I just wait for him to cast Ancient's Call instead of finishen them off with Charged Bolt.

He wears an Arcane Sword with the Burn Runeword (level 5 Conviction Aura when equipped) and Izeal's Vise (level 4 Conviction Aura when equipped). His helm is a magic diadem with a level 12 Meditation Aura when equipped with three Ni Runes socketed. He also wears a Shield of Pain. The rest is more or less random stuff I found and handed to him. He is quite stable with just that and has about 12k life with all my buffs.


  • I'm wearing lvl 60 str jewels (2 or so...) -- Firesnake? 10-19-2010 (Tue) 07:41:06
  • geez! that is some impressive stats. Envy? ;_; -- psycho2? 10-17-2010 (Sun) 12:40:43
  • How do you have 165 str? -- Anon? 10-17-2010 (Sun) 02:06:40
  • And if you are very lucky, you may get something like this: http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=3247 -- Audaces? 03-11-2009 (Wed) 07:50:38
  • AFAIK Life from +Vit (like on the Zodiac Band) is not affected by BO/Oak Sage, which makes this mod less than really useful. My top choice, at least for one of the ring slots, is a crafted ring. If you're lucky you can get +1 All, +3 Sorc and +2 Fire (Sorc only) skills on it, not counting forging and socketing. -- Nameless? 03-11-2009 (Wed) 06:00:25
  • Cheater! We agreed to be using act3 mercs! I still have mine>< Ahhh~ I'm just kidding, looks great man. I made a pair of those gloves too- work awesome - Zero pots needed now. Think it would be worth it to stick with Rumors and just Gem meld rubys? -- Daishi_GD? 03-09-2009 (Mon) 17:47:52
  • My bad >_< I should read more carefully. Sorry. -- Rychveldir? 01-27-2009 (Tue) 09:30:16
  • he meant prot from fire for the fire% boost....... -- Tian? 01-26-2009 (Mon) 14:41:47
  • Even if the protection from fire would be level 50 the damage would be very very low. Level 17 holy fire deals 300 damge with 600% fire skill damage just as an example. Level 50 would not even reach 1000 damage which is nothing in hell. -- Rychveldir? 01-26-2009 (Mon) 00:37:32
  • Yes I was thinking about them too. The extra skill is nice and also the other stats. As I mentioned the gloves I'm wearing right now are more or less experimental but I really like the life after each kill. Thanks to that I can do a hell domain run without drinking a single healing potion. I also updated the page, I noticed that I had forgotten to post my immolation damage. :D -- Rychveldir? 01-25-2009 (Sun) 18:16:18
  • Runefusion gloves may be a better choice due to the extra skill. Greiz's Legion would be good choice if it had a stronger protection of fire it would be the top choice. -- Hans? 01-25-2009 (Sun) 15:57:35

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